Fancy cheese pancakes with buckwheat

No, I have not made a mistake in the title of this recipe. In fact, just one day to experiment by combining buckwheat and cottage cheese. Why do it? You will laugh, but again lost weight! After all, these products are so few carbohydrates, and they are so helpful! Well, surprise – it is also one of the tasks …

Of course, I surprised. And yes, I fed. Tasty, satisfying and unusual, because it is also prepared differently. In short, if you want a hearty and delicious breakfast, stuffed with the utilities, we cook together!
Cooking time: 30-40 minutes, but again – it all depends on the number of products.

Difficulty: yes, not so easy, but it’s worth it!


– 1 cup of buckwheat
– 250 grams of cottage cheese
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp.. Sahara
– Breading corn (or flour)
– Half a cup of vegetable oil
– 50 g sour cream

How to cook:

Yeah, buckwheat has always been a special position. For some reason, it was believed that it can help lose weight. I thought so too, but this year found out that this is not true. Just do not recover from it, and it is no coincidence appoint diabetics. Fill rump water, send the gas.

Porridge let brewed, but we must make sure that it is crumbly. I do not I salt, but not a sin to salt the water slug and giving a boil, reduce the heat. Our next character – cottage cheese. In this recipe, it should not be a soft mass, and grains. Mash fork.

I never eat cheese just – without anything. I do not like. But in combination with other products it can be transformed. So it happens in the case of my syrnichkov. A buckwheat, unlike cheese, I have not anything. If 15 minutes have passed, the porridge is ready. Measure out the right amount of it, poured into a glass.

Porridge should be cool before we begin to write with her participation cottage cheese. Everything for everybody – I’m about sugar, but without fanaticism, otherwise the sugar “will flow”, and cheesecakes will not form. And only then vobem egg in the mass. Without it, the balls are not blind, syrnichki not fry.

Very gently, but firmly put all the ingredients. Eggs should be well whipped, and is connected with cottage cheese and buckwheat gruel, because otherwise cheesecakes fall apart, and not getting to the pans. Then form the balls neat, short, all as cheesecakes.

That’s what they got – rovnenkie, neat and intact. I am sure that will be fried well. That is the consistency of sausage meat was such as would be desirable. Now, to give the original taste cheesecakes roll them in a corn batter.

Gray good pan. Fry in butter and can be vegetable oil. This time I chose the second option – butter is now has the ability to burn instantly. Once the butter burn, to send balls, slightly hurting, to get to a common form of cheesecakes.

Do not remove the fire, let the fried cheesecake on high. For a long time they are subjected to such a treatment is not necessary – in fact the dish is ready, just need to give it a finished look. By the way, no less delicious is, if they are baked in the oven. But it will be another story. We will pour sour cream …




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