Apricot Cake.

Apricot Cake.

торт абрикосовая

• apricots 650g
• sugar 300 g
• Cream (oily. 35%) 300 ml
• egg whites 5-6 pcs.
• 5 tablespoons powdered sugar. spoons
• peeled unsalted pistachios 50g
• cornstarch 2 tsp.
• White wine vinegar 2 tsp.
• apricot liqueur 3 tbsp. spoons

Cooking method:
• Mix the cornstarch with vinegar.

Chop the pistachios with a knife in a large litter. For the meringue, beat whites, gradually adding sugar, in solid foam.

At the end, add starch and vinegar mixture.

• Cover the baking parchment. Draw on it a circle of diameter 25 cm, lay heaped on him, and meringue using the reverse side of a tablespoon make beautiful waves on the surface.

Sprinkle with half of walnut crumbs and put 1 hour in the oven, preheated to 120 degrees.

Then turn off the oven and, without taking the cake, let it cool down with the door open.

• Wash the apricots, cut in half, remove seeds. One-third of the fruit randomly cut and grind in a blender to puree, then rub through a sieve. Add the

sauce and 3 tablespoons liqueur. tablespoons of powdered sugar.

• Slice the remaining apricots.

• Whip the cream in a solid foam, and the remaining icing sugar, carefully type in the apricot puree.

• Put the meringue on the chilled apricot cream, lay on top of slices of apricots, sprinkle with the remaining pistachios.

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