Apricot cake with hazelnuts and mascarpone.

For the dough:
200g mascarpone
200g sugar
250g flour
200g nut flour (you can finely grind themselves … I took hazelnuts, almonds but also perfectly suitable)
140g butter
4 eggs
1ch.l. baking powder
a pinch of salt

For filling:
Apricots 500g (weight without bones)
1st.l. sugar with a slide
50g walnuts
3-4st.l. jam apricot or peach

Mascarpone, eggs, sugar and mix until smooth. Melt butter in several stages in the microwave so that it is liquid, but not hot (slightly-slightly warm). Sift to curd flour with baking powder and salt. Add nut flour (you can grind the nuts yourself or take a ready meal, or you can take with the skin peeled for inclusions in the dough … it’s in our sole discretion, the taste does not change). A little stir and pour the oil. Bring the dough until complete homogeneity. It turns out dense, not pouring, pasty.

For the filling wash apricots, cut into 8 slices each, after removing the bone. Nuts for filling finely chopped (must be very small pieces, rather than homogeneous grit as for the test) and mix with a spoon of sugar.

The dough is put in one or more forms of arbitrary size, so that a layer of dough was a little more than 1 cm. The form of the pre-greased or parchment vystelit bottom and grease the only bumpers. Share uniformly slices of apricots. Sprinkle with nuts and sugar. Bake at 190C for 25 minutes. Check splinter dough on availability. Cool cake on a wire rack. Top while it is hot, brush to lubricate all the apricot jam. If the jam is very thick, it is pre-heated.

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