«Zebra» cake

Ingredients 4 servings
Sugar 360 g
6 pieces of chicken egg
Butter 100g
Sour cream 200g
Wheat flour 250g
Baking powder 1 tsp
Cocoa powder 2 tablespoons
Soda pinch
Walnut 70 g

1 hour 25 minutes

1.Softened butter 1 pound and a half of sugar (180 grams). In another bowl, drive an egg, add the remaining sugar (180 grams) and lightly beat with a mixer or whisk the mixture. To pour the oil mixture egg mixture and mix well. In putting cream soda and baking powder. Mix well.

2. Sour cream add to the oil-egg mixture and stir. Enter the sifted flour into the mixture, add chopped nuts and mix well again.

3. The dough is divided into two equal parts.

4. In one part of the test add the cocoa, sifted through a fine sieve and stir.

5. Form for baking brush with oil and sprinkle with flour or breadcrumbs (you can pave the form of parchment). In the center of form put 2 tablespoons light test. In the center of the test light to pour 2 tablespoons of dark dough. Thus, the alternating layers, put all the dough.

6. Pie Bake 45-60 minutes in a hot oven to 170-180 degrees.

7. If pie browns much, but inside is not propeksya, cover the top of the pie with foil and bring to readiness.

8. Ready pie remove from oven, cool slightly and carefully remove from the mold.

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