What you should know about low-fat products

What you should know about low-fat products.

Low-fat foods are really useful for the body, but not all and not always.
In the human body should act fats, the only question is, what kind and how much.
When choosing low-fat foods, you are unlikely to be able to lose weight. These foods do not benefit the body, because, basically, all contain trans fats, the composition (kind of unsaturated fats).

Yogurt with low fat content is less useful, as the absence of milk fat it causes it worse digested.
Giving preference to low-fat dairy products, you deprive the body of protein, fat and carbohydrates, which are necessary for the body to complete the work.

A significant reduction of fat in the diet increases the risk of impotence in men, and the disruption of the reproductive system in women.
With decreasing the amount of fat in the product, its caloric content and the amount of carbohydrates often do not decrease, but on the contrary, sometimes even increasing.

Fat products, are degreased, by adding them flavorings, sweeteners, trans fat, carbohydrates, starch and sugars.
Nutritionists advise to buy low-fat products are not completely, and so-called “light”: milk fat content of 1.5% instead of 3.5%, milk, and not creamy yogurt, sour cream 10% to 15% instead of 20%.

The main source of vitamin E in the human diet – a vegetable oil (sunflower, olive and other oils). The low-fat foods they do not, because they are removed from all the fat – and vegetable and animals.
People who want to lose weight should pay attention not only on the content of fat in the product, but also on the amount of carbohydrates, and total caloric value.

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