What is charlotte and how to cook it?

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What is charlotte and how to cook it?

At first glance, everything is very simple – a favorite from childhood my grandmother’s pie, which in a matter of minutes prepared in almost all families: any fruit filling (usually apples) and on top of biscuit dough. And if in the details, it is not so simple.

Where did this name – “Charlotte” – hard to say now. There are several versions.

According to one version, the name of this pastry derives from the “spoiled” by the French of the English word charlyt, which means “meal with a sweet cream (made from beaten eggs, sugar and milk).”

Another romantic version of this dessert is hopelessly in love with the lady chef dedicated his heart poor Charlotte.

Another version says: At the end of the XIX century there were many German bakeries, which prepare this cake from the remnants of bread and bakery products in Russia. Russian laughed and said that the Germans save his wife, but because even the pies are made from crackers. Themselves as all Germans, summarizing, for the eyes were then called Charlotte, because name is among them were quite common.

In fact, they say, this dish appeared in France under the name of Charlotte. And the idea was borrowed from the English: Charlotte is a kind of pudding, which is usually served in the form of heat. Charlotte consisted of white bread, sweet cream with fruit and liquor. It prepared long and hard, anyway, at home to cook apple pie if it was not so easy.

Later, around the beginning of the XIX century, there was a dish called Charlotte Russe. He invented a French chef, in the service of Alexander I and his name was Marie-Antoine Carême.

Originally, the dish called charlotte à la parisienne ( “Paris Charlotte”), dessert later became famous all over the world under the name charlotte russe ( “Russian charlotte”). For the manufacture of Russian charlotte shape laid out cookies Savoiardi or ready biscuit and filled with Bavarian cream and whipped cream. Dessert was allowed to cool … and you can feast on!

True or not, but in the time of Stalin’s rule – in the fight against “kowtowing to the West” – “Charlotte” was renamed the “apple grandmother.” So graceful Charlotte suddenly grown old.

At the present time on the territory of the former Soviet Union this easy and delicious cake again often known by its former name – “Charlotte”.

Charlotte is not difficult to prepare. It just baked bread with cream of eggs, milk (cream) and sugar. Lean hostess make Charlotte of stale bread: they dry bread soaked in egg mixture, and the taste of this dessert is much better than the desserts of fresh bread. Often in Charlotte added light and dark raisins. It is also possible to replace the layer of fruit cream or chocolate mousse.

For example, the traditional recipe (bread) “charlotte with apples and raisins.

фото 2 (1)

Products:. White bread – 200 g apples – 8 pieces, raisins – 2 tbsp. l, butter – 3 tbsp. l, eggs – 2 – piece, milk or cream (20%) -. 300 ml, apricot sauce – 1 cup

Cooking method:

Wheat bread without the crusts cut into thin slices, soak melted butter and impose their bottom and sides of the form, greased and sprinkled with semolina.

Apples – can take any, but better than those that do not strongly boiled soft clean obrabotke- by heat, remove seeds, cut into thin slices and fry in a little oil, mix with raisins and cool. Fill the center of mass of the apple shape.

Top cover the same crusts of bread. Beat the eggs and sugar, to enter the milk (cream). Stir, pour the next pie with this mixture, cover and bake in the oven at moderate temperature for 30-40 minutes. Before serving, remove the lid and shape to overturn on a plate. Serve with apricot sauce.

As time went on, and Charlotte, at times, have become to resemble works of art. But more often the same pies with apples (not with bread and flour!), Which we bake, also came to be called Charlotte. At the same time housewives cook the usual biscuit dough, which pour chopped fruit.

Charlotte Sometimes is multilayered.

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Prepare it with various fillings, using as fruits and berries. However, the apple charlotte holds palm. Classical finished apple pie served in a warm and chilled with ice cream, whipped cream or sour sauce.

Bake hostess this delicious and aromatic dessert all year round, but the peak of activity falls exactly in the autumn – after harvesting apples.

Secrets of cooking Charlotte:

Choosing to charlotte need strong apples with elastic skin, not overripe. Suitable for charlotte apples have a strong and distinct flavor, sour in taste.

The best varieties of apples for cooking Charlotte on our open spaces – antonovka (fragrant, sour, which perfectly emphasizes the taste of sweet biscuits).

If apple pie is prepared with sweet apples, then give it a sour, you can use other berries or fruit, for example, adding to the stuffing to the apples cranberries and black currants, or thin slices of sour plums.

To cake turned out to charlotte especially lush, gentle and not a donkey, some housewives are separated from eggs (refrigerated) whites from the yolks, whisk them separately into a strong stable foam: proteins – with the addition of a pinch of fine salt and sugar, yolks – sugar. Moreover, the sugar must be added slowly in small portions. When beaten eggs can be “cut with a knife”, very gradually – in small portions – introduce the flour. At the same spoon that we mix, we introduce gradually and in the same direction.

Preheat oven is recommended at least 15 minutes before you put it in charlotte, otherwise it will not propechetsya prigorit inside and on top.
Bake charlotte need at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
During baking, open the oven charlotte is not recommended – a biscuit settles.

Each family has its own cooking tricks Charlotte: additional shades of flavor and taste of baked goods can give a variety of additives: lemon peel, vanilla sugar, ground cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger …
Perfectly complements the taste of the cake cream, liquor, ice cream …
Charlotte – versatile and good with any drinks: tea, coffee … But best of all – after 10-15 minutes after baking.

In my family, I eat a little bread, and I have it almost never is superfluous. So I do not bake Charlotte, which include bread.

More often do charlotte here this recipe and call her Charlotte – “Apples in the snow“:

фото 4 (2)

Ingredients: 5 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon peel, apples (I love to apples in the stuffing was a lot).

Cooking method:

Filling: apples mine, cleaned from seeds and cut into slices.

Dough: 5 eggs, beat well, is actively continuing to whisk, gradually add the sugar, vanilla and lemon zest. Next – gently stirring, in small portions, introduce the flour. The dough is ready.

Why this charlotte I gave this name? Because apples lay directly on the bottom of the prepared pan (greased with margarine and sprinkled with semolina). Then sprinkle with cinnamon apples,

Then pour the batter on top.

фото 5 (1)

Bake in oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Once we got the apple pie and it just cools down under a towel, turn over baking apples to the top and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Fluffy, aromatic apple pie is ready. It turns out that the apples lie on a fluffy white layer of sponge cake, and top them “light snow” of the powdered sugar.

фото 6 (1)

As an option, I do charlotte “In taking the chocolate.” Remember: “Who’s there – take in a crimson?” That’s too beautiful!

фото 7 (2)

Ingredients for baking all those zhe me this product ratio well, very much. Only at the bottom of the form I first pour a little dough, spread the apples and only then add the rest of the entire test. It turns out that’s so beautiful:
A beret for chocolate you can use chocolate frosting chocolate (I like the bitter) – 100 g butter – 2 tablespoons milk – 2 tbsp

I put everything in a deep cup or a plate, put in a water bath or in a microwave oven (a few minutes). The resulting glaze watering your product. It watering – then the chocolate itself nicely spread over the surface. If chocolate is not at hand, then we proceed as follows: 20 g of butter for take 2 tbsp. spoons (heaped) of powdered sugar, cocoa and cream (the latter can be taken and 3 tbsp. spoons). To decorate – crumb of nuts, for example.

фото 8

By the way, takes may be from any jam or preserves, for example, magenta (so who is there to take a crimson “Suitable as well whipped cream cream … Here’s a fashionista, this Charlotte – me?” Beret “.

Bon Appetit!

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