We combine essential oils

1. Mint + Basil + Frankincense (no basil, mint and easy incense). This composition gives a complete cleansing of the human energy field and the space around it. It gives a lot of strength. It increases self-esteem. Balances. It helps to gather strength for the realization of a major goal. It helps to tune into the right mood before an important meeting or work, or traveling.

2. Eucalyptus + Lavender.
Helps restore mental and physical strength, inspire new. It gives strength in creativity, business, any endeavor. It gives strength to man and all that he accomplishes.

3. Rose + Lavender.
Love, tenderness and wisdom — these energies gives you this song. These energies will fill you and your home. Also eliminates insomnia, relieves stress energy, harmonizes, brings joy.

4. Rosemary + Ylang-Ylang.
Magic force composition, spiritual growth, universal wisdom and purification of low energy.

5. juniper + Rose + Lavender.
Powerful composition energies of love and joy in love. It fills the man and his world the energies of love and inspiration.

6. Fir + Juniper + Patchouli.
Energy flow of divine abundance. Purified human energy from low vibration, eliminate obstacles support and multiply the flow of abundance.

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