Wash the dishes without harm.

Wash the dishes without harm. Advice.


Means for washing dishes heavily pollute the environment and harm health. We know what you can wash the dishes without harming the environment. “Tips aspiring hostess” continues …
Various gels and powders smell, of course, wonderful. And the dishes seemed to be washed well. But they are made of refined petroleum products, and almost all household chemicals, which we sell – toxic. It pollutes the environment, and besides, is not washed off completely with dishes and pans, no matter how much the dishes are rinsed.


The surfactants contained in detergents fall into our stomachs, and then behave like on the surface of dishes, which need to wash – all corrode. Outcome: gastritis, ulcers, allergies and so many other diseases.
Now in stores appeared ecological dishwashing detergent, but they are not always effective, and are expensive. Meanwhile, there are natural remedies that can perfectly wash the mountain of dishes. Most of them have any kitchen, take it and enjoy it.


She perfectly draws in all the fat. Therefore, it is the best way to wash greasy dishes and pans. You can act in different ways: dipping in the dish with mustard wet sponge, apply it on the dishes, wipe the dishes with a paste made of mustard and water. And you can dial in a sink or bowl of hot water, add a couple of teaspoons of mustard and wash the dishes in this solution the usual sponge – all perfectly laundered.
Incidentally, the mustard can assemble and do not wash off chemicals from the dishes. At the very least, she will wash them much more effectively than water. Therefore heavily soiled dishes, some housewives first wash a small amount of detergent, and then domyvayut with mustard.



It cleans pans and trays, washes grease, deodorizes and neutralizes the acidic taste of water. Soda can clean pots, wash dishes, like pasta, rubbing utensils. However, soda can scratch the special coating on the container, for example, Teflon. Therefore, we must use it selectively.
Soda can be added to a solution of soap (made of soap). It will further strengthen the means.
In addition to baking soda there is economic. It is corrosive, although harmless substance, so when working with economic soda is better to use gloves. This soda – stronger alkaline than soda. Besides its abrasive properties above. To wash the pan blackened, it is necessary to pour a bucket of soda glass, put the dishes in the solution and leave overnight.


With fat he can not cope alone, but will help disinfect dishes, destroys mold and viruses. That is the purpose of disinfection can sprinkle with vinegar sponges and sponges for washing dishes, add it to the cleaning paste.
Vinegar is a good job pollution glassware such as wine glasses can be cleaned with it.
Laundry soap


Especially housewives favorite panacea. On the women’s forums it even devote some branches consisting of declarations of love, and these advantages. Soap can actually replace a huge pack of household chemicals. Including dishwashing detergent.
Its advantage is that the soap is made of organic substances, is not a product of oil refining, so it does not pollute the environment. It does not add dyes, preservatives, fragrances.
The soap is washed away with a well-plates, leaves no odor. Because it makes household dishwashing liquid, or used in a conventional, solid form. In any case, soap perfectly removes grease and other contaminants.

Bamboo napkin


These wipes are quite expensive, they are hard to buy. But they are perfectly remove grease and dirt from the dishes, even without any detergents as environmentally friendly, and not so. The use of wipes are simple – you need only periodically wash them, and they will serve for a long time.



Inaccessible means, unless you are in the country or in the campaign. From the fire or in the oven, you can get plenty of excellent detergent. Ash absorbs fat and has a mild abrasive effect, so it can be used for cleaning pans or baking dish. But, of course, do not use it for Teflon coating.
Use method is simple: pour a little bit of ash on the surface of the launder, add a few drops of water and the resulting paste to wash the dishes.
Incidentally, the ash can help if you have dark enamelled kettle or saucepan. It is necessary to fill the dishes 1/3 water, pour water and boil all of this hour. Then rinse the dishes.

Paste for cleaning pots, pans and other cookware heavily polluted


¼ of the bar of soap (or remnants)
1 cup hot water
1.5 tablespoons soda
1.5 tablespoons mustard
2 tablespoons ammonia (4 capsules)
1. Soap grate and cover with water half. Put in a water bath (or in the microwave).
2. While the soap is melted, pour the remaining water in it. It is necessary to get the consistency of sour cream or gel.
3. Once the soap is dissolved, it is necessary to cool slightly and add the baking soda and mustard. Mix.
4. Add the ammonia. When working with the alcohol wear gloves and open the window.
5. Quickly whisk the whole mixture with a mixer. The resulting foam – remove.
6. Pour the resulting mass into containers with a wide neck and lid. This is done very quickly to volatile ammonia does not evaporate. Wait a few hours until the gel thickened.

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