Warm salad with arugula and sweet pepper.

I want to share the recipe for the salad, which is very simple and quick to prepare. Salad is good both warm and cold. My personal preference – a warm option.

теплый салат с рукк 3

To prepare two servings of salad

we need:
• Two beam arugula;
• two sweet peppers;
• 200-250 g cherry;
• 20-30 grams of cheese or Grana Padano cheese;
• olive oil;
• balsamic cream *.

* If you do not balsamic cream, it can be replaced by a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and powdered sugar (in equal proportions).

Cooking method:
1.Perets cut strips. Fry in olive oil until black markings. During frying pepper I usually close the lid – so it turns milder. Remove the cover every time it upside down dramatically to prevent moisture from its surface from getting into the pan. Otherwise suffer and the taste of pepper and kitchen fronts due splashes of fat.

2.Poka roasted peppers can prepare the other ingredients. Cherry tomatoes cut in half (you can not do, but then they will be more difficult to pick up with a fork).

3.Syr cut into thin, almost transparent slices.

4.Rukkolu put on a plate.

5.The bed of arugula put roasted peppers. On top lay cherry peppers. Sliced ​​cheese crumbled on a plate “chips.” Shuffle pour balsamic cream.

теплый салат с рукк 4
6. Serve warm or chilled.

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