Waffle brizolki

Waffle brizolki

-Kurinoe Fillet – 0,5 kg
-Luk – 3 pieces.
-Vafelnye Biscuits – 1 pack
-Yaytsa Chicken – 5 pcs.
-hydrochloric And pepper – to taste
-Vegetable oil


1. Culinary cooking process wafer brizolek I start with the preparation of meat. To do this, take the chicken on a cutting board and cut it into small pieces.
Also I take a 3 onions and cleans them, washed in water, cut into 4 pieces.
Make the stuffing can be any convenient and affordable way. I scroll through the pieces of chicken meat grinder with slices of onion. By the way, the bow can be put in the stuffing and more. From the amount of onions depends on the juiciness brizolek.
The resulting minced I salt, pepper. I add to it one egg and stirred well.
2. Now prepare the egg for dipping cakes with meat before frying in a pan.
For the preparation of a given quantity brizolek minced take approximately five eggs. But I have them all at once is not driven into a plate.
At first I was driven into a bowl and 2 eggs with a little salt whip. Then I add the egg in a bowl of batter as needed.
3. When the mince and eggs ready for dipping, then put the pan on the heat and pour the vegetable oil in it. Now form brizolki.
Beru Waffle Korzhik and impose on him a tablespoon of minced meat.
4. On top of covering the second wafer biscuits.
5. For once I prepare brizolek so much is placed on the pan.
In hot oil shift the prepared brizolki previously dipped them in batter.
6. Fry the one and the other. Brizolki roast quickly.
7. If you are sure that brizolki well and fry in ready, they do not need to be steamed.
But I always steamed and burgers and chops, and grilled fish. Therefore, I also brizolki steamed in a little water in the pan.
8. Ready brizolki perfectly suited to the porridge, mashed potatoes and spaghetti.
They can even be used for sandwiches with fresh herbs and salad leaves.

вафельные бризольки

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