Vitamin salad

Vitamin salad.


radish or daikon Margelan green 300g
carrots 250 g
Apple sour 150 g
Orange 1 piece.
Lemon 0.5 pc.
olive oil 3 tbsp. l.
honey 1 hour. L.

Cooking method:      
1. Radish rub on a grater, a little salt and let stand for her to let the juice. Juice drain because radish will become less acute.
2. Carrots and apple grate, mix with radish.
3. Orange peel and divide into fillets. Cut into small pieces.
4. Orange juice squeezed from the core to pour into the salad.
5. For the filling dissolve honey in the lemon juice, add salt and olive oil.
6. fill the salad, mix, garnish with oranges.
Bon Appetit!

витам сал

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