Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers.

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers.

Peppers 500 gr.
carrots 100g.
onions 500g.
parsley, dill, celery, cilantro 200 g.
cream 50g.
salt, bay leaf, pepper to taste

Peppers cleaned of seeds, dipped in hot water for 30 seconds, remove and fold in a colander to drain.
Carrots grate on a coarse grater, spassirovat with onions
Season with pepper this mass (salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste).
Put the peppers in a wide bowl, pour hot water with salt and bay leaf, so to cover the vegetables. Simmer until cooked.
Serve with estimates-term or not, sprinkle with herbs.

фарш вегет перец

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