Vegetarian barbecue.

Vegetarian barbecue.

Spring – time to leave on the nature and cook the vegetables on the grill and vegetarian barbecue! Brochette of vegetables and mushrooms cooked very quickly and leaves a taste excellent. Even non-vegetarians asked additives.

-Large tomatoes to taste
-Tavern to taste
-Fresh mushrooms choose bigger taste
-Salt to taste
-Oregano to taste

Cut the zucchini slices. Clean it from the skin is not necessary.
Tomatoes cut in half, and leave the mushrooms whole.
Rubbed salt slices of zucchini, mushroom caps and tomato halves on a section
Sprinkle with oregano tomatoes on the cut.
Products are strung on skewers. This alternating – zucchini, mushrooms, Pomidorka, then zucchini and so on. Cooking on the grill over hot coals, first with one hand. Mushrooms and peel the tomatoes must dry and slightly wrinkled.
Now we turn vegetarian skewers and cook on the other side to the same state. Mushrooms are dried with the outside, but inside are still moist and juicy. Taste great!

вегет шашл

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