Vanilla chocolate vla.

Vanilla chocolate vla.

VLA-kind English cream (or custard), wherein the thickener used Dutch starch and flavors as vanilla, chocolate, banana. We have two recipes, vanilla and chocolate desserts. They can be supplied separately and can be combined.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4

You will need:

for vanilla vla:

-300 Ml. whole milk
-3 Yolk from larger eggs
-30 Gr.sahara
-struchok vanilla
-10 G of corn starch
-a pinch of salt
-2belka (Optional)

for chocolate vla:

300ml. Whole milk
200g chocolate gorkokogo
30g sugar
3 egg yolks
10 g of corn starch

How to cook:

1. Prepare vanilla vla:
In a water bath to heat the milk with the vanilla bean up to 50 grams. Mix the egg yolks with the remaining ingredients to pour a couple of big spoonfuls of warm milk is well placed. Then pour the mixture in a thin stream into the main milk whisking continuously heated to 90 c. Preventing boiling cook until thick cream. Cool, optionally add the beaten egg whites for lightness.

2. Prepare chocolate vla:
Chocolate break into small pieces, soedenits milk, leading to heat the bath to dissolve shokolada.Smeshat remaining ingredients add a couple of spoonfuls of milk chocolate, and then to bridge all, whisking continue to heat until thickened, without allowing a boil.

Share installments chashkau vanilla vla, alternating with chocolate.

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