Vanilla cake

Butter — 195 g
Powdered sugar — 150 g
Egg — 3 pieces
Vanilla — 1 tsp
Milk — 60 ml
Hot water — 60 ml
Cocoa powder — 120 g

Chocolate bar:
Dark chocolate (70%) — 180 g
White chocolate — 320 g

Vanilla Glaze:
Powdered sugar — 1.5 cups
Butter — 110 g
Milk — 1 tablespoon

Heat the oven to 180 ° C. 2 form for the cake grease with butter. Beat the butter with the sugar at room temperature to the air condition. Drive the one egg, vanilla. Sift flour, baking powder and cocoa and gradually enter the mixture into a dough. Mix and pour the milk and boiling water. Mix everything carefully. Divide the batter between the two forms, and bake for 30-35 minutes each. Check the readiness of a toothpick. Remove and cool before you apply the glaze.
Chocolate bar:
Cover the pan with baking paper. Melt the dark chocolate and pour it in the pan. Put in refrigerator for 20 minutes to chocolate frozen.
Melt the white chocolate and let stand for about 3 minutes, then pour a layer of dark chocolate and white. It evenly across the surface of the pan to close the layer of dark chocolate. To spill jam. Place in the refrigerator to the whole chocolate frozen.

Vanilla Glaze:
Mix powdered sugar with butter until smooth creamy mass. Add vanillin and milk and continue beating for about a minute.
Apply vanilla cream between two Korzh and over the entire surface outside. Mangled tiles frozen chocolate and firmly secure the pieces in the glaze. Serve.

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