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Menu for Lovers

Menu for Lovers How would you have not planned a holiday of lovers, and a menu is not accounted for, can not do without dessert! Moreover, that is likely to be remembered for it was he — dessert, it should in fact in this day be special. It is hardly worth venturing feast — Valentine’s […]

French cake Saint Honore

French cake Saint Honore In Paris on Valentine’s Day celebrate in a big way! On this day, the city mayor’s office placed at the disposal of citizens all giant electronic panel for the exchange tender messages, greetings and declarations of love. In the streets online travel buses, in which every lonely person can go free […]

Cake chocolate-banana

Cake chocolate-banana. Simple homemade cake with a pronounced taste of chocolate and banana, light sour apricot, apple delicate flavor, very light and cooking and eating.

Pancakes in the oven.

INGREDIENTS 150 g flour cow’s milk 150ml 1 tsp yeast chicken eggs 1 pc. 2-3 tablespoons sugar 1/3 tsp salt 6-7 tsp of jam 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Salad for boyfriend

I want to share a recipe originally issued (the heart of the Rose), a salad! Salad is very simple to prepare, it is preparing the most affordable products, and get a very tasty and with dignity, grace any holiday table!