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Physalis. Cake, spawn, Jam, Candied. Many of us have seen the original plant like the “Chinese lantern”. And almost all tried physalis. Bright berries very effectively looked at the dessert and teased me a little longer. I liked them very much. And you? By the way, fifteen fruit can be eaten per day. Of Physalis can be cooked jam, […]

Get rid of daytime sleepiness FOREVER!

Prepare magical ginger tea. It improves blood circulation, tones, protects against colds and the warms, stimulates digestion, thins the blood. It is also effective for atherosclerosis, and helps get rid of the cough. It activates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system. Helps eliminate toxins from the entire body. It has many useful properties, but the […]

10 women’s tricks to bring things in order

Stitching the sweater, salt stains on your new boots, jammed zipper – more you do not have these problems. 1. To sweater is not “bite” and not “overgrown” Spool To get rid of two problems at once new sweater should be wet, lay on a tray or in a package sent to the freezer for […]

How quickly defrost food.

For the cooking of meat, fish or poultry, we often use the products that need to quickly unfreeze previously. We tell how this is best done. Say at once defrosted foods – meat, fish, poultry and beef – preferably slowly, for 8-12 hours. Since the product does not lose its nutritional qualities, will retain its […]

8 natural dyes for Easter eggs.

In order to paint the beautiful eggs for Easter, not necessarily to buy expensive, artificial colorings, which often penetrate into the product. You can make dyes from natural ingredients, which you will easily find in the kitchen or in the shop. Prior to paint eggs, thoroughly wash them with baking soda and wipe with vinegar.