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The most delicious medicine

The most delicious medicine. Sage Hippocrates taught: «Your food should be medicine, and your medicine — food.»

6 recipes fitness dinner!

6 recipes fitness dinner! Dinner should consist of protein and vegetables. Vegetables twice. than the protein.

10 ways to stay warm in the winter

Who should read this freezing! 1. Do not leave home without eating The first commandment merznuschego: a step out of the house without eating oatmeal! Or buckwheat. Or anything else. Food — the energy, and most of it (75%) will go to heat a favorite. By the way, during the cold season, you can eat […]

Most «light» products!

Most «light» products!  0 — 20 kcal Water, watercress, lettuce, cucumbers, white radish and Plain clean water does not contain calories. But it allows you to keep your skin supple and helps to fight hunger pangs between meals. Because of the desire to eat often take thirst. Train yourself to drink one and a […]

Fat burning cocktails

Fat burning cocktails — a great tool to fight obesity. They speed up metabolism, the sensation of hunger and provide your body with vitamins and minerals. The best recipes of the five faithful helpers diet.