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Garlic liquor

Garlic liquor. The transparent bottle put 12 cloves of garlic, each divided into 4 parts. Pour three glasses of red wine. Close and put on the window at the sun for two weeks. Every day, shake 2 — 3 times. At the end of the period, strain and pour into a dark bottle. Take this […]

MIRACLE 7 product that cleanses the body better than any medicine.

What to eat to achieve a stronger cleanse the body? Cabbage. Cabbage includes a large amount of dietary fiber which bind heavy metals and toxins from the intestine and excreted. Also cabbage has organic acids that have a positive effect on digestion and stabilizes the microflora. But that’s not all. It contains enough rare vitamin […]

Wonderful mix.

Wonderful mix. Always determine the age of 1-2 years, plus or minus. One was at a party and there was a woman, everyone thought that it 35 years, but from the conversation realized that I was wrong. They asked how many years, it was her 46 !!! I have the whole evening with her eyes […]


4 COMPOSITION FOR STRENGTHENING THE ORGANISM. The recipe first (firming blend of dried fruits and honey).

Ambulance without drugs

Ambulance without drugs. It happens — sick and medication on hand no no. How to be in this case?