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Men’s passions: cooking

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Men’s passions: cooking Although it is believed that the kitchen — a female destiny and purpose, but the ranking of the best chefs in the world a woman’s place is almost was not, with few exceptions. Strange, is not it, because in ordinary life an exception — it is the man in the kitchen. It’s […]

Go to bed late — bad!

1) Mental exhaustion Your brain is actively resting from 21:00 to 23:00. If you go to sleep after 23:00, then gradually over time will come to you mental exhaustion. If you do not sleep from 23:00 to 1 am, it will suffer your life force. You is a violation of the nervous system. Symptoms: weakness, […]

6 dishes with avocado, which do not harm the figure

Many girls, Weight Watchers, wrongly exclude from your diet avocados, justifying it by the fact that this product contains a large amount of fat. This is an absolute truth, but do not forget that this monounsaturated fat, and therefore, useful. The fact that this type of fat the body has a beneficial effect, contributing to […]

8 drinks that should be included in the human diet

Green tea Due to the large number of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants green tea neutralizes free radicals, strengthening bone, protects against cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of cancer.

Corn story

Corn story Corn is called the Queen of fields. After all, it’s so sunny, bright and tasty! Personally, I can not get past it. I like boiled corn with salt and always when I see her in the supermarket reminded of the sea and the beach. All around her eat with such pleasure that you […]