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MOST USEFUL JAM. Jam rich in pectin — substances that are found in fresh and processed fruits. For the body, they are good because they bind and remove harmful chemicals out. If you replace the jam harmful sweets, you can not just make a slimmer figure, but also significantly improve health. Especially useful in the […]

How useful walnuts

How useful walnuts Nuts are full of more than a product, in concentrated form, containing the mass of minerals, mineral oils, antioxidants.

Help yourself at the first sign of a cold

Help yourself at the first sign of a cold. 1. At the first sign of a cold, cut a large onion and inhale fresh pair of onion, repeating the procedure 3-4 times a day.

healthy foods for the heart

Healthy foods for the heart. Autumn — the most difficult period for people with cardiovascular disease, so not to be in a hospital bed, you sleep, spend time physical activity and eat right. We will tell you which foods strengthen our heart


SECRET WHITE TEA White tea is not only a delicious drink, it’s a little medicine. In ancient China, it was served exclusively to the emperor and only used as a remedy.