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How to care for lips in the winter?

Lips age with 25 years: pale red border, appear fine wrinkles, the skin becomes thinner. In order to slow down this process, it is necessary to maintain normal blood circulation and be sure to protect lips from UV rays: they are very susceptible to photoaging. By the way, can be seen on the lips, and […]

Sweets, which will not recover

Any woman from time to time want to treat yourself to sweets with a cup of tea or coffee, especially want to eat something sweet, when the late and impossible. Everybody knows that a sweet bad for the figure, but I want to believe that there is a harmless and delicious alternative. You have to […]

Hot drink with turmeric

Turmeric – a natural antibiotic that makes it priceless. Since unlike synthetic drugs, spice-drug does not worsen the condition of the gastrointestinal tract and does not destroy the liver. On the contrary: in the use of its increased activity of the intestinal flora and improves digestion.

Tea with sea-buckthorn

Recipe of healing tea autumn berry that contains a “bouquet” of vitamins and minerals. Fruits of sea buckthorn contains about 3.5% of sugar and a lot of organic acids (malic, tartaric acid, oxalic acid) Esche more vitamins – C, B1, B2, folic acid, PP, K, P and E, carotene and carotenoids, as well as many […]

Stories almond about fifteen hundred years!

The first mention of this tree is found in the Bible. Since then the beneficial properties of fruits are valued very highly by mankind. In ancient times it was considered a symbol of almonds renewal of nature, because the bushes flowered in the early spring. It was also believed that he is able to bring […]