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Natural Cosmetics: 5 best means to strengthen nails at home

1. Sea salt It contains all the necessary nails set of minerals – not by chance after a holiday spent at sea, even weak nails become strong, no longer to break down and exfoliate, are beginning to grow rapidly. The easiest way to strengthen your nails at home – every day or at least every […]

BATH with iodine for the weak and brittle nails.

1 tablespoon baking soda 10 drops of iodine, 1 cup of water. Soda dissolved in hot water, adding iodine, the resultant composition is immersed in the fingertips for 15 minutes. should do the bath every day for 2 weeks to achieve the best effect. After that you need to make a week break and resume […]

Ginger helps to quit smoking

Smoking just need this product, and it is not only in its edibility. Vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, a large number of essential oils in ginger help to leave addiction. * The ginger contains organic compounds that significantly reduce the amount of lipids in the blood, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis – the main […]

Useful properties of prunes and contraindications

Useful properties of prunes and contraindications Useful properties prunes is dried using a special technology drain. Preference is given to the Hungarian and Italian varieties. Through proper technique manages to retain all the beneficial properties, which has the freshest drain. Ready dried fruit is very useful, because it is rich in mineral elements, vitamins, acids.

Provencal herbs

Culinary file: Provencal herbs (Herbes de Provence) – spicy mixture of dried herbs with a rich, complex flavor and taste that entered into the world of cooking French cuisine. The basis of seasonings are basil, thyme, rosemary. In the advanced part of Provence herbs include basil, rosemary, fennel seeds, flowers, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, sage, thyme, […]