Useful properties of prunes and contraindications

Useful properties of prunes and contraindications

Useful properties prunes is dried using a special technology drain. Preference is given to the Hungarian and Italian varieties. Through proper technique manages to retain all the beneficial properties, which has the freshest drain. Ready dried fruit is very useful, because it is rich in mineral elements, vitamins, acids.

The value and benefit to the organism prune hard to overestimate. This product contains sugars, organic acids, fiber, minerals (sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron). Prunes are very helpful and effective in treating the early stages of cardiovascular diseases. In his competence – to normalize the pressure, improve gastrointestinal, improve the exchange veschestv.

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Nutritionists studying prunes useful properties and contraindications have ranked it to the indispensable product in the diet. Prunes are not only facilitates the exchange of substances, but also cleanses the body of harmful substances, toxins, nitrates, which get us through other products.

Because of prunes is present a high content of iron, it is indispensable in the diet of people suffering from anemia and vitamin deficiency. Due to saturation of dietary fiber, prunes has a therapeutic effect in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Just knowing how much of prunes calories – you will not be able to eat a lot, because at 100 grams dried fruit accounts for 231 kcal. Eating 5-6 per day of fruits – you are completely provide itself with all the necessary elements that it contains

Useful properties prunes and contraindications

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