FROM Sponge cakes


For the test you need:

Eggs – 5-7 pieces depending on the diameter;
40 grams of cocoa;
2.2 cups flour;
5 grams of soda (+ vinegar);
220 grams of sugar.


Half a tin of condensed milk (180 grams) or a glass of regular sugar;
Half a pack of butter;
800 milliliters of fat thick cream.

Glaze coating:

At 50 grams of dark chocolate and butter;
60 ml of milk;
Vanilla to your liking.

Cooking process:

Whisk the eggs and sugar until fluffy.
Separately, mix the flour (sifted twice), sugar and cocoa powder.
This dry mass enter the eggs, beat with a mixer at the end of quenched pour soda.
Cover the parchment sheet, greased it and lightly flour pritrusite.
Pour approximately 2 centimeters apart round cakes of the same size.
Bake for about 10 minutes until golden brown at 200 degrees. Cool.
For the cream, whisk the sour cream with sugar or condensed milk, add vanilla and butter.
Assemble the cake at home is easy: Put on a platter first turtle body, dipping each workpiece in the cream, then each side, “head”, “feet”. Top fill design of cream and razravnyayte it. Take 2 hours in the cold.
Then, cook the icing: Melt chocolate with butter, pour in the milk and vanilla vsypte. Mix and brew in a water bath until thick, cover the body of the bug. For the glaze, you can draw a white chocolate shell characteristic pattern or just decorate nuts.


If the task is to cook a cake very easily and quickly at home, will help you the recipe, “Turtle” from cookies without baking. It turns out not less tasty, very like the little guests. To prepare this dessert recipe, take a soft cookie:. Biscuit, “Baked milk”


Cookies – one kilogram;
200 milliliters of cream;
400 grams of sugar;
400 ml of 35% cream;
40 ml of milk;
40 grams of cocoa and sugar;
70 grams of butter.

Cooking process:

Knead the cream: whisk the sour cream with sugar.
Separately, whisk until fluffy foam very cold cream.
Connect the two masses into one.
Dip each cookie for a few seconds in a cream and share instantly on the dish cake in the shape of turtles.
When everything is ready, refrigerate it for 3 hours to frozen cream. Meanwhile, cook the icing: Mix cocoa, sugar. During the boil the milk in it, dissolve the butter and sugar mixture, pour a trickle. Boil, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes.
Pour the cake evenly, leaving a bright “head”. It icing to draw eyes and mouth.
Put cooled to 3:00

FROM jellyroll

This recipe is also without baking, preparing no less quickly than in the liver, but its advantage is that in the context of rolls like a tortoise-shell pattern and no additional decorations you do not need. Recipe allow to cook at home a great treat and a terrific dessert to bake.


150 grams of sugar;
4 eggs;
40 grams starch;
A glass of flour;
The package of baking powder.


“Nutella” or dark jam (strawberry, plum) thick;
200 grams of sour cream;
20 grams of powdered gelatine;
Condensed milk – 1 jar.

Cooking process

Start with the rolls:

Beat eggs with sugar, add alternately starch, baking powder, flour. Whisk in one mass.
Two Cover the pan, greased. Half fill the dough in a pan with a thin layer, level. And do the same with the second part of the test. Bake at 220 degrees of not more than 7 minutes.
Turn the dough a little cooled down on a towel, remove the paper, promazhte jam or chocolate paste.
Roll rolls, cool in the folded position.
Cut the pieces for half a centimeter thick – it is necessary to do the foundation.

Prepare the cream:

Pour gelatin with water, let configure themselves for 20 minutes then warm it up for a couple to fully separated grains.
Whip the cream until foamy, add the condensed milk, pour the cooled gelatin. Stir.

Assemble the cake “Turtle”:

Of the rolls can be prepared in body, sandwiching it with cream.
Above do not water cream needs to be done directly on a platter the head and legs of the round rolls or biscuits, cakes.
Remove the cold for three hours, you can then decorate with chocolate or fruit.


Bon Appetit!

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