Turkey with pears and broccoli in a sweet and sour sauce.

-Turkey 1 piece
-Salt, basil, allspice to taste
-Pear 3 pcs.
-Frozen broccoli to taste
-Potatoes taste
-Onions to taste
-Carrots taste
-Garlic to taste
-Sugar to taste
-Sweet and sour sauce to taste

1.Defrost the turkey, rub with salt, spices to taste, chopped basil.
2.Put in a container with crushed garlic and allspice, greased with olive oil. Keep in the refrigerator overnight.
3.In the morning put on 15 minutes in the oven (without garnish)
4.While the turkey in the oven, cut the carrots and onions.
5.In a frying pan melt a little butter, add a tablespoon of sugar, stir.
6.Throw this ugliness carrots, onions and a little basil. Boil for some time. Add sweet and sour sauce and stir until semi-thick consistency
7.The cup baking dish put chopped potatoes, broccoli buds down (not dry), pear slices – and close them to the turkey
8.Pour some of the sauce at all this beauty, and pour the sauce the meat and put in the oven at 380F degrees for 35-40 minutes, though, depending on your oven, all the time may be different.

Important! during the preparation of often watering turkey remaining sauce – and it is so juicy.


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