Tuna salad with cherry feta avocado.


Cherry tomatoes — 10 pcs.

Tuna in its own juice — 2 cans of 170 gr.

Feta — 250 gr.

Avocado — 1 pc.

Rocket salad — 90 g.

Pine nuts — 50 gr.

Balsamic Sauce — to taste.


My lettuce, spread a thin layer on a plate. On top of salad spread evenly, 2 cans of tuna. The remaining tuna salad on top decompose. Next, cut the tomatoes in half, spread on kroyam salad. Fet chop kupibaki and we place to tomatoes. Cut the avocado slices and we place on top of lettuce. Then decorate with pine nuts and topped with balsamic sauce.
Bon Appetit!

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