Tuna salad and orange slices.

tuna  70 g
sea ​​salt  2 g
olive oil  10 g
lettuce  15 g
broccoli  60 g
orange  35 g
lemon peel  2 g
capers  10 g
garlic Sause  30 g
black pepper  1 g
sugar  1 g
basil  2 g

1.Tuna cut into thin slices.

2.Marinate slices of tuna in olive oil with salt, sugar and chopped lemon zest.

3.Prepare garlic sauce. For this purpose 150 grams of garlic cooked in milk. 1 liter of milk is required, it should be three times to change to the taste of garlic it was not clear. Separately, boil 100 ml of cream fat content of 33%, to add to them 1 g of sea salt. Garlic boiled in milk to shift into the blender bowl, add 15 g of anchovies, 10 g of olive oil and cream, beat until smooth.

4.On a plate freely pour garlic sauce.

5.Put lettuce.

6.Boil the broccoli and season with olive oil.

7.Put broccoli salad.

8.Using tweezers twist of marinated tuna “roses”.

9.Put on a plate.

10.Each “rosettes” drop a little garlic sauce.

11.Capers and olives cut and drizzle with olive oil.

12.Carefully shift the capers and olives in a bowl.

13.Orange slices clear from the film and also put on the salad.

14.Garnish with orange zest and salad greens.

15.Sprinkle the salad with olive oil and pepper to taste.

Bon Appetit!

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