Trendy cocktail «Drunk hipster»

Trendy cocktail «Drunk hipster».

модный коктейль

-Tequila Hornitos Reposado 30 ml.
-orange liqueur (O3) 15 ml.
-fresh lime juice 15 ml.
-grapefruit bitters, splash 1 pc.
-Pepper mint syrup 15 ml.
-rimming salt to taste
-slices of serrano pepper (garnish) to taste
-Ice 2-3 pcs.
-sugar syrup 1 cup
-water syrup 1 cup
-Serrano peppers (chopped finely) syrup 2 pcs.
-fresh mint, a bunch syrup 1 PC.

Cocktail «Sweaty hipster» is prepared by the method of shake.
Let us first syrup. Bring water to a boil, add sugar
Keep stirring until completely dissolved. Then, let the syrup cool down time.
Pour into a blender, put back the pieces of pepper and mint leaves. Thoroughly grind the mixture for 30 seconds.
Strain the finished syrup through a sieve several times to weed out the pieces of mint and Serrano. Keep refrigerated.
Now shake. Dip the rim of a cocktail glass in spicy salt. Set aside.
Pour crushed ice in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients. Thoroughly stir.
Strain into a cocktail glass. Carefully, so as not to offend «skirt». Garnish before serving portion «Pontnogo hipster» serrano pepper wedges.


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