Travel with style. Finland: Lapland cheese

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Travel with style. Finland: Lapland cheese

Russians drive holiday Finland has long been not a long-awaited trip abroad, but something permanent, like a trip out of the city to the country.

Finland borders with Russia, because Russian and often go to visit them on the day. So, if they came for salt, in a neighbor! Agencies have long put on stream daily shopping tours in the city of Finland in Helsinki, Turku, Lappeenranta, Imatra, Tampere Mikkeli, Kouvola, Savonlinna, Kotka, Hamina …

Tourists from Russia contribute significantly to the budget of Finland. It just so happens that many of the goods produced for the domestic market in Finland are considered to be much higher quality. That is why most Russian carry home bags filled to the brim filled with household cleaning products and delicious, fresh food. And no harm will know that products manufactured in Finland and is considered the most environmentally friendly, are marked with a special symbol – a small icon with a white bird on a blue background. One of such products imported from Lappeenranta, today I want to tell you …

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Lapland Cheese is considered one of the business cards gastronomic Finland. True Finns call it “cheese bread” (Fin. Leipäjuusto) or “cheese bread” (Fin. Juustoleipä). This fresh cheese made from cow’s milk is now often produced by industrial methods, which, unfortunately, impoverishes its taste and color.

Traditionally, it is made from colostrum with the addition of a deer or even goat milk, salt, sugar and starch. Then the cheese is rolled in the form of round cakes and bake in the oven or on the grill until the crust is formed at the expense of fat appears on the surface.

The result is a cheese that looks very similar to a bread cake, hence its Finnish names. With this preparation technology leipäjuusto get a very gentle, creamy on the palate, with a bit of “rubber” consistency. He slightly creaking on the teeth, for which it is often called in English “finnish squeaky cheese”, or “Finnish squeaky cheese”.

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Today leipäjuusto often eaten fresh, but in the past it was dried and in this form the cheese could be kept for a very long time. Before the use of pressed cheese just warmed up in a frying pan or on the coals, and becomes soft again.
It is made mainly in spring and autumn, when milk was plentiful. This cheese was even considered a delicacy, they could pay (instead of money) with the employee. Now he is one of the national product and the pride of the country. They treat tourists and Finns with great pleasure regale Lapland cheese.

Its origins leipäjuusto leads from the northern regions of Finland, which explains its name. And in most of Lapland, the home of the Finnish Santa Claus (Joulupukki) is still preparing the cheese with the addition of reindeer milk, which is not uncommon for these margins.

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For sale this cheese in almost every Finnish supermarket in the form of large and small cakes and pieces. It can not be just a decoration for your desk, but also beautiful, “delicious” souvenir from Finland. Especially useful is this advice for those who do not want to once again to please their loved ones a gift in the form of a sweater with the Scandinavian pattern, or a magnet on the refrigerator with a proud inscription Suomi (as Finns themselves call their country).

Those who first hears about Lapland cheese, I would definitely advise to try it on occasion – it is really worth it! But those who are familiar with it firsthand, it is worth experimenting, adding the cheese in various dishes and discovering new facets of his taste. Traditionally leipäjuusto served fresh by adding to it cloudberry jam – a brand. But on cloudberry jam from berries I will tell you the next time, and now offer to get acquainted with the use of other means of Lapland cheese.

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In Sweden and Lapland cheese cake cut into pieces, and then just pour a glass of hot strong coffee. Eat cheese with a spoon straight from the cup of coffee, and this dish called “kaffeost” (coffee cheese).

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In modern kitchen Lapp diced cheese is often added to soups or used for preparing all kinds of salad, including replacing some ones Feta cheese. And today I want to offer you the recipes of two different in composition and taste of salads with cheese Lapland.

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Salad “Lapland”

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Lapland Cheese – 250 g;
Lightly salted salmon – 150 g;
Cucumber – 1 pc .;
A thick mayonnaise – 100 g;
Salt and pepper – to taste.
Mix the sliced cheese and julienne cucumber, add chopped pieces of salmon, salt, pepper and mix thoroughly. Refill thick salad with mayonnaise and give him a little brew.
Salad with cheese and ham Lapland

Lapland Cheese – 250 g;
Ham – 250 g;
Canned peas – 5 tbsp .;
Tomato – 1 pc .;
Mayonnaise (olive) – 200 g;
Leek, salt and pepper – to taste.
Cheese, ham and tomato cut into small cubes, onion shred. Mix all ingredients, add the peas, salt, pepper and mayonnaise. All thoroughly mixed. Salad is ready, bon appetit!

And finally, I want to share with you the recipe is extremely simple, but very tasty dessert.

Dessert “Lapland cheese cream”

Lapland Cheese – 100 g;
Cream (10-20% fat) – 70 ml;
Sugar – 1 tsp .;
Cinnamon – 0.5 tsp (Or on the tip of a knife, if not very fond of cinnamon);
Jam or marmalade – 2 tbsp
Lapland cheese cut into small cubes and add up in a bowl of small volume, in which he will then be baked. Fill the cream so that the pieces of cheese were completely covered with liquid. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Then we put in the oven and bake for 8-12 minutes at 200 degrees. The finished dish is decorated with cloudberry jam or jelly and serve immediately on the table.

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I, as a big fan of cheese, of course, was simply delighted with gentle, creamy taste of Lapland cheese, when I first tried it. But, be honest, this time I did not have time to cook any meals with him, because half of the cake weighing nearly half a kilogram was eaten on the first night!

I filed my family Lapland cheese with raspberry jam for tea. Taste of cheese liked everything … So I advise you and, on occasion, be sure to enjoy this magnificent cheese!

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Have you been to Finland? Maybe a taste of Lapland cheese you already know?

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