Tortilla and potato

Tortilla and potato.


● Flour – 700-800 g
● Milk (250 ml-in dough, 100 ml-mashed potatoes) – 350 ml
● Egg – 3 pieces
● Potatoes – 800 g
● Butter – 150 g
● Dill (fresh)
● Salt
● Onions (large) – 1 piece


1.Melko cut onions, passiruem it in butter until golden brown.

2.Rezhem finely dill.

3.Varim potatoes with salt. From a boiled potato mash.

4. In the finished mashed add the fried onion, dill, 50g butter, 100ml milk.

5.Smeshivaem all. The filling for tortillas ready!

6. In milk add the eggs, a little salt and flour. Knead the dough. It turns supple and obedient.

7.Tonko-thin dough rolls.

8.Vyrezaem circles the size you want. I cut a 18cm diameter. Round thin zagotovochki add up to the plate, do not forget sprinkle flour between them, that would not stick together (I forgot the flour, and the last 5 pieces I have grappled tightly, do not repeat my mistake)

9.Gotovye cakes fry in the dry ! pan, without adding any oil! Patty covered with bubbles and it will appear golden tochechki- means you’re done!

10.Obzharennye cakes grease the top with melted butter.

11.Na fried, greased cake, spread the stuffing of potatoes to the middle.

12.Tortillas stuffed with folded in half and top lubricates maslom- ready!

Ready cake cover with Polotenchik, giving them oiled half an hour! Before serving.

лепешки с карт

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