Top Destinations for gastronomy tours

Top Destinations for gastronomy tours.

Culinary tourism – a special destination for tourists. During these trips you can taste the milk from the cow, eat freshly plucked fruits and taste so much more that is inextricably linked with the terrain in which you arrived. Each country has its own reasons for the gastronomic pride and evaluate them – a problem of every tourist.

Taste the joy of local food – a problem that does not seem difficult, until you find yourself in a strange country with a strange language and strange customs.
This is where the adventure begins to worry that you can own, guided solely by instinct pioneer, or go into a special gastronomic tour, where you will be offered to taste the gastronomic delights and attractions in parallel display.
We chose the best offers of travel companies, and urge you to look closely to them carefully.

Culinary tours in Rome.


Explore the length and breadth of Rome can not be without eating fine Italian cuisine. Walking tours allow open the secret side of the Eternal City, try a meal in the tiny cafe to buy fresh products in local markets and to fully enjoy the Mediterranean charm.

Eat in Mexico.


Mexico Study in a gastronomic tour is the absorption of delicacies that will satisfy your receptors. Dishes from the era of the Aztecs and the Maya, such as the ant eggs (for the brave) or hundreds of variations on tacos (for lovers of traditional cuisine). This value true lovers of Mexican color and can evaluate you.

Vietnam syndrome.


In the world there are different professions, some of which are surprising for its originality. For example, writer Jodi Ettenberg investigates soups and regular discoveries went straight to Saigon. It is no coincidence, because in this city you will be able to try a number of soups, which could not be found anywhere else in the world.

The history of the East End.


East End – the eastern part of London, which is often simplistically represented by the works of Dickens and other authors of the Industrial Revolution as an area of settlement of the poor and the antithesis of the fashionable West End. But it is in these former shantytowns have the opportunity to try breathtaking curry or fish and chips, which it is prepared in such a way that only one of them can go to Albion.

Wild China.


China Kitchen is so versatile as dialects are in Chinese, and they are known to thousands. Dive into the amazing world of the Chinese cuisine can only be breaking away from the usual tourist routes and climbing in the most remote province, where you will be able to look at the food culture through the eyes of local residents.

Love in Cambodia.


Cambodian cuisine is so distinctive that it can be just to go to the Asian country. And lost in the jungle temples and everything else you can see the street munching delicious dishes and drinking local beer.

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