Top 10 Traditional Vietnamese dishes

Top 10 Traditional Vietnamese dishes

Anyone who has ever been to Vietnam, enthusiastic about the local cuisine – of course, the exotic to Europeans, but tasty, hearty and very varied!
National cuisine of Vietnam has absorbed a lot of Chinese, Khmer and Thai cuisine. Finally we got the original dishes, which are prepared with a minimum of fat and a maximum – of fresh products.
An interesting feature of this kitchen – “repulsive smell with good taste.” For example, bamboo shoots – one of the favorite dishes of Vietnamese – delicious taste, but the smell is not too appetizing …
So what are the 10 dishes worth trying tourists in Vietnam?

1. “Ocean Monday”

 "Ocean Monday"

What is the name, eh? It is a dish of snails. It – cuts, which may include snail with Chinese herbs, fried snail with lemon leaves, etc. It can be ordered anywhere: the dish is very popular, and it is prepared in all hotels and restaurants…

2. “Pho”


Soup with burdock rice, is also very common dish. It is for that love: soft burdock, flavorful meat broth with a clean sweet taste … While the meat so there is not a lot, Pho – very hearty soup!

3.  Bunthang


But this soup is prepared from the familiar to us foods: thinly sliced pork and chicken, hard-boiled egg, rice noodles. But the taste is still obtained very unusual!

4. Bunbo Hue

Bunbo Hue

Dish-card of the city of Hue. It – rice noodles in broth with meat (beef and pork) and lemongrass. Bunbo Hue seasoned sauces – chili and shrimp. So the mix of flavors!


5. Goi Boi

Goi Boi

This salad, featuring an unusual combination of ingredients: Pamela, pork, fresh shrimp and cuttlefish dry (do not ask me why she’s Vietnamese say that this is such a spice.). It also added white sesame and coconut pulp. Want to try? Go to Ho Chi Minh City: all self-respecting restaurants of the city offer guests such exotica.

6. Vietnamese pancakes

Vietnamese pancakes

One of the favorite dishes of the locals. They are prepared as follows: in a thin sheet of rice paper wrapped stuffing, and then a pancake fried in vegetable oil (in general, Vietnamese shawarma, and write). The filling consists of pork, eggs, crab, pea pods, carrots, cabbage, herbs and mushrooms. Delicious!

7. Ban Kan

Ban Kan

This dish is prepared in the Mui Ne Peninsula. Soup noodles thick of the same name, made with a mixture of rice and cassava flour, similar in appearance to the udon.

8. Goikachu


Vegetable salad with fillets of mackerel. Despite the fact that mackerel in Vietnam is full all year round, this salad is considered a delicacy. In addition to the mackerel, it contains onion, ginger, roasted peanuts, herbs, hot pepper, sugar, garlic, fish sauce and lime juice.

9. Lauma


Meat and seafood – pork, beef, shrimp, fish, called “head of the snake,” etc. -.. Stew with vegetables in a pot. Vegetables in this dish is not less than 10 species, and sometimes – and up to 24: straw mushroom, bean sprouts, peppers, eggplant, water lily. Remember what we wrote in the beginning of the foul-smelling delicious dishes? Lauma – not an option. In the process of its preparation spreads throughout the room just divine flavor!

10. Com Ga

Com Ga

Com Ga simple dish of ordinary Vietnamese rice with chicken and greens. Simple but tasty dish can vary depending on the area and places of preparation from the simple option, to very steep. As an example, Hoychenpong to cook a dish from the chef needed a special talent, so you can enjoy hoychenpong not everywhere, but, for example, in Ho Chi Minh City in almost all hotels in the highest classification he serves.

Well, in Vietnam, in a gastronomic tour?

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