Top 10 most popular cocktails

Top 10 most popular cocktails

Popular cocktails. Spring came! The sun blinding and shamelessly smiling, as if it was winter and we only dreamed of. But this opinion is sliding lower on the tall snowdrifts melt and oceans of water. Um, no, not a dream. And if the street is still cool, we will disperse the blood! No, I do not insist on playing sports (although it would be nice in anticipation of the summer). Today we will disperse the blood faster method – alcoholic cocktails on them even in the songs they sing. And not by some, and the most popular. It remains only to find out what kind of cocktails such, but rather to learn how to cook them.
1. popular cocktails. Mojito

popular cocktails. Mojito

The list is literally asking the most fresh and cool “Mojito”, and dismiss from it is simply impossible! This cocktail attracts with incredible force opinion, hungry for fresh greens. That is why we start with him. First of all we take leaves of mint and enjoy their color and send it to the wolves – mash them together with lime, cut into pieces. You feel like the smell of summer? Do not relax, yet the summer, we can only dream of, so go to sleep all crushed ice. Since we decided to warm up the blood, we pour the beauty of rum and soda, 50 ml. Adding a bit of sweetness – a tablespoon of sugar syrup and stir. If you want too much heat – besieged themselves and fill up more ice. On the surface of the glass made water drops – yes, that’s why a cocktail called “Mojito”. From the Spanish word mojadito – slightly damp. I do a little green, so we, too, decorate with mint, and now begin to taste!

2. Long Island Ice Tea

popular cocktails. Long Island Ice Tea

Today, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in many countries, not just minors, but also for adults, after a certain time. However, adults who are optimally relax with friends after work in the evening, they know how to find the exits. But it is terrible to think, in the United States at the time raged “dry law,” which prohibits the distribution of alcoholic beverages at all! But lovers of fun not reconciled, and came up with a way to circumvent the law. In some bars was served a cocktail, which has gained popularity simply amazing – the iced tea. Surprised? This surprised many, and at the time, but only enlightened to know that in this case, a simple at first glance, a very tasty glass incredible alcoholic mixture. Excellent disguise, is not it? This cocktail is popular today, perhaps, is the only recognized cocktail that consists of more than five ingredients. Namely: white rum, vodka, tequila, triple sec, gin – one of each, two pieces of tea and cola. Do not forget to add ice and garnish with a lemon!

3. Pina Colada

popular cocktails. Pina Colada

We all know that the Caribbean island – a paradise on earth. There’s even a drink poured into glasses from real pineapples! But this is not just a drink, and a corona Caribbean cocktail – pina colada. It is traditionally served in a bowl hollowed out pineapple and prepared on the basis of pineapple juice. The sea, the beach and pina colada …. Wait, why fly to the Caribbean to prepare a pina colada? We do yourself! Mix pineapple juice, white rum and coconut liqueur. Add the crushed ice and decorate with whipped cream, pineapple, cherry and always! Here it is – a heavenly drink!

4. Tequila Sunrise

popular cocktails.Tequila Sunrise

Do you like to meet a dawn? Even if until now such a possibility is not excluded, it is possible to arrange a sunrise independently. Incidentally, it is not difficult to represent – Tequila Sunrise! Mix orange juice 90 ml , tequila 40ml and crushed ice, pour it into a glass and pour grenadine 15 ml, better known to fans as the cocktails grenadine. It was he who settles on the bottom, creating a magnificent effect of the rising sun. Admire them is endless, periodically repeating.

5. Sex on the beach

popular cocktails.Sex on the beach

Since we are talking about the beautiful moments of our lives, it would be strange not to mention about sex …. Sex on the beach! That was the title of the International Bartenders Association was officially recognized as a cocktail as follows: two parts vodka, orange and cranberry juice, and one part peach liqueur. Do not forget to crushed ice, in order to cool the ardor of some raging passions!

6. Cosmopolitan

popular cocktails. Cosmopolitan

The heroines of the series “Sex and the City” love this cocktail, with their light hand “Cosmopolitan” began to appear in many films and serials. However, the history of its creation is very simple – Cheryl Cook created it, wanting to mix a drink beautiful appearance, especially for a glass of martini glass, which has been a symbol of prestige in the late 90s. how could she suppose that he gained such popularity? But everything is simple – vodka, cointreau, lemon and cranberry juice. Pink splendor!

7. Bloody Mary

popular cocktails. Bloody Mary

With the move to the red rose, or rather in the blood! Who knows cocktail “Bloody Mary”, he clearly is not from our planet. Legends origin of this drink a great many, but now it does not matter, because it is a drink made it to the status of the most popular method is not bloody.

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Initially, the cocktail includes only vodka and tomato juice, it tastes good, but too simple. Therefore, once added to the “Bloody Mary” worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and lemon juice, salt and pepper – very transformed his taste. And later entrenched in the recipe. Terrible and delicious! Or terribly tasty?

8. Cuba Libre

popular cocktails. Cuba Libre

We have already found out that the previous cocktail came to success is not a bloody road, but this is the way passed the fighters for freedom in Cuba. According to legend, one realized mix symbols of two states – Cuban rum and cola American, and added this exclamation: «Viva la Cuba Libre!» (Long live free Cuba!). Now this symbolic cocktail supplemented with lime juice and is extremely popular.

9. B-52

popular cocktails. B-52

Not found in the list of favorite B-52? Why, there he is! The most popular cocktail of family shots. In addition, he puff that looks very impressive. So as not to draw attention to it! A combination of three liqueurs: Kahlua, Baileys and Cointreau – makes just fall in love with a cocktail! The secret sloenosti cocktail is in the process of infusion liquor – on the edge. So they do not mix, and the top layer is so strong that it can ignite. Drinking in this case must be very fast with the help of the tube – first cold bottom Kahlua, Baileys then warm and finally have a hot cointreau. The effect does not take long!

10. Screwdriver

popular cocktails. Screwdriver

I present to you the most elementary terribly popular, the queen of all parties – Screwdriver! What could be simpler than to mix vodka with orange juice? Simple and delicious. A lack of complexity and large number of ingredients, according to the screwdriver – is a direct path to success.

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