Tiramisu with coffee and rum

Tiramisu with coffee and rum.


500g mascarpone
500g cream (fat content of 33%), very cold
3 egg yolks
50g sugar
50- 80g caster sugar
75 ml + 50 ml rum
350-400 ml of freshly brewed strong coffee
24-30 pieces of cookies Savoyardy (“ladies fingers”, crispy biscuits)

Cooking method: 
1. Prepare the sauce sabayon:
The ceramic or glass bowl, beat the egg yolks with the sugar (50g), the mixture should be air and turn white. Put the bowl with the egg mixture in a water bath (water should not be very much to boil and touch the bottom of the bowl). Whisking the mixture, wait until it is slightly thickened and turns white (about 3-5 minutes), slowly pour 75 ml of rum in small portions. CREAM must be constantly whipping whisk as the yolks may curl.

2. 5-7 minutes later the mixture begins to become more and more dense air. Wait until the cream thickens MUCH, remove from the water bath, but continue to stir occasionally so the yolks do not curled up on the residual heat. Cooking time may vary from sauce dishes, which you do, the degree of boiling water, etc., so if you have everything going for longer or faster, it is normal) thing – the result) In the end, the sauce should be like thick cream .

3. Cook the coffee filter, mixed with rum (50ml), add the icing sugar 50-80 g (the amount of sugar can be increased or decreased to suit your taste).

4. mascarpone whip mixer with a small amount of cream (about 50 ml). The remaining cold cream pour into a bowl for whipping and put for 15 minutes in the freezer. Next, beat with a mixer until firm peaks.

5. The resulting cream gently to mix the yolks with the mascarpone and whipped cream with a spatula to enter. No need to knead the mixture thoroughly, as the cream can fall in. The cream should get air.

6. Prepare a form for Tiramisu (more convenient to take a rectangular).
Cookies dipped in coffee with rum and put an even layer on the bottom of the form. Top with half of the cream (if you took the bottom piece 12, if it is less, then the cream and take proportionally).

7. Then again put a layer of biscuits soaked in coffee with rum. The second layer of pastry shell out the remaining cream (the number of layers can be anything, as long as poslednim- was a layer of cream).
The shape of cover and refrigerate overnight. Before serving, you can sprinkle the top of the dessert with ground coffee or cocoa.

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