Tiramisu with apples


mascarpone cheese 150 grams
egg yolks 1 piece
8 grams of sugar
cream 80 grams
vanilla 3 grams
liquor 15 grams
200 grams of sugar
80 grams of water
20 grams glucose
proteins 100 grams
liquor 35 grams
50 grams of water
50 grams of sugar syrup
liqueur Baileys 10 grams
instant coffee 100 grams
520 grams of apples
sugar 140 g
60 grams of butter
liquor 60 grams
cake 10 grams

1. Prepare a candy apple apples cut into slices, fry in butter, add the sugar and liquor “Amaretto”. Cook for about 5 minutes.
2. Make the meringue: protein whisk, add the sugar and continue beating. Mix with glucose water, warm to room temperature. Pour a thin stream of water with glucose in the beaten egg whites, whisk.
3. Prepare the coffee impregnation Mix all ingredients.
4. Cream whisk. The yolk, sugar and vanilla, beat, too, add to the beaten egg yolks and mascarpone, cream and meringue, mix gently.
In the form put the curd up the middle biscuit Savoiardi immerse the coffee impregnation for a few seconds, and place on top of the cream on top – again curd. Top with caramelized apples, cover with cheese mass.
5. Remove the tiramisu in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Before serving, garnish with almond petals.


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