Tiramisu dessert


Tiramisu dessert when all main meals eaten, it’s time to sweet food – dessert.
The choice of desserts is limitless. Jelly and mousse, soufflé and ice cream, creams and flans, sweet pastries and fruit – is “integration” list of dessert recipes.

No dessert does not produce any festive meal. But in everyday life do not need to deny themselves this pleasure. There are many recipes simple, but very tasty desserts, for the preparation of which will not have to spend a lot of time and effort, and with which to handle even the novice cook. The main thing that was a desire, and dessert recipes on the Internet is!
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Tiramisu dessert

  • Strawberry – 6 berries – for decoration
  • Savoiardi cookies – 600 g
  • dry white wine, Marsala – 120 ml
  • Coffee – 500 ml
  • Cocoa powder – 100g
  • large egg yolks – 6 pcs.
  • mascarpone cheese – 250 g
  • sugar – 150 g

Step 1: only the egg yolks are used in this recipe. They must be carefully separated from the pre-protein. Egg yolks should not be at the same burst and mix with the protein.
Step 2: drive yolks in a saucepan. Add the sugar.

Tiramisu dessert_8

Step 3. Pour the egg mixture Marsala wine.
Step 4. Saucepan with poluchivshieysya mixture placed in a water bath, whisking vigorously mix. This pasteurization – a very important stage, while it kills harmful bacteria. Ensure that the mixture began to boil, otherwise the egg yolks and the brew will be unusable.

Tiramisu dessert_7

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Step 5. When the yolk mixture will become sticky consistency, quickly rearrange the saucepan on the ice, whisking constantly mass. Better yet, do not just put the container on the ice, and literally bury it to the ice touched not only the bottom of a saucepan, and walls. The resulting egg yolk mixture is called “dzabalone” (zabaglione).

Tiramisu dessert_5

Step 6. 100 ml dzabalone leave to decorate the plate. The remaining mixture, add mascarpone and mix until smooth and beat with a mixer. The mass should be increased in volume.
Step 7. Brew coffee, preferably not very strong. It is best to use the coffee machine for espresso, but is also suitable french-press. The finished drink drop Savoiardi and leave for 1 minute, no longer -. Cookies should be only lightly soak coffee.
Step 8. The bottom of the form for the tiramisu coated with a thin layer of cream and cheese from dzabalone. Put a layer of Savoiardi, and firmly so that it is completely closed bottom of the form. (By the way, if the cookie is too much steeped in coffee, the drink will settle to the bottom.) Cover Savoiardi cream.

Tiramisu dessert_4

Step 9: Put the second layer of biscuits soaked in coffee. To when cutting into portions ready dessert not broken, a second layer Savoiardi should be spread at a different angle relative to the first layer. Top distribute the remaining cream. Smooth surface.

Tiramisu dessert_3

Step 10. Sprinkle the tiramisu with cocoa powder. To spread out evenly and cocoa had no lumps, use a sieve. Put the form in the refrigerator for 20 Ministry of Industry at + 4 ° C. During this time a cookie is well saturated with coffee and cream. A little cream hardens and dessert will keep in shape
Step 11: Make a dish. At the bottom of each pour remaining dzabalone. To decorate use strawberries and whipped cream. Cream is better to take the plant when they beat up, they, unlike the usual, become snow-white color and a lighter taste. Cut tiramisu into portions and arrange on plates.

Tiramisu dessert is ready!

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