Tips housewife to prepare delicious potato

Tips housewife to prepare delicious potato.

1. Boiled potatoes will taste better if you add in the water 3-4 cloves of garlic, a little onion or dill.
2. Potatoes cooked quickly if the water add a spoonful of margarine.
3. To the old potatoes during cooking do not appear blue spots, the water you need to add a little vinegar.
4. Young potatoes easily cleaned if previously put it in cold water.
5. Potatoes fried in a pre-heated pan and on high heat, then reduce it. Before frying the potatoes can be dry, then it is best browned.
6. mashed potatoes add hot milk only if
pour cold, the sauce will become blue.
7.Ochischenny potatoes should be used immediately, until it went dark. If you need to clean the potatoes in advance, tie it to the culinary film and tie tightly.
8. frostbitten potatoes need a minute drop in cold water, then cook in boiling water, add 1 ch. L. salt and vinegar.

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