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When defrosting meat should be remembered: the slower the process, the less wasted meat juices and nutrients. The best way to defrost meat in the refrigerator, placing it in a pan or bowl and cover with a wet cloth. At the same time the ice crystals melt slowly, and often form the moisture has time to soak into the muscle fibers. If necessary the meat will thaw, it was left at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Do not defrost meat in hot water or in a warm place.

Juice flowing thaw meat and semi-finished cutting, to be used for cooking meat cutlet mass and delays, as it contains up to 8% of digestible protein.

To destroy connective tissue strong and ready to make the meat softer portions of meat before frying discourage. This aligns the thickness and the surface, which will ensure a more even frying and the simultaneous availability. However, beating the pieces, do not knock it.

To get a soft meat, before cooking it can be for a few hours to put in milk.

When cutting portion pieces for frying meat should be cut across the grain and at different angles: a clipping — at right angles, thick and thin edge — an acute angle. When cutting parts of a complex structure (shoulder, groin, neck) have to follow the direction of the fibers, and depending on their position to change the angle of the knife.

Meat for the second course is recommended to put in boiling salted water, which should partially cover the pieces. After 15-20 minutes of cooking meat broth stand out, pieces of which will close completely. The mass (weight) of meat with a 35% decrease.

Entrecote — flesh from the dorsal and lumbar parts of the beef carcass. It is cut into pieces in the transverse direction oval-oblong thickness of 15-20 mm, weighing 80 and 125, the steak before cooking can be a little (but not much) to recapture.

Cook meat to be on the quiet fire at low boil, meat to retain nutrients. With rapid boil they «washed out» in the broth and the broth becomes dull gray.

Pork necessarily deep fried until cooked. How to determine the readiness of pork? Click on the meat — it should be dense and elastic. You can pierce the meat — juice should be light, with no pink color.

To make pork chops juicy, 2-3 hours before cooking grease them with oil and sprinkle with vinegar.

Cooked and sliced ​​meat should be stored in a broth that it does not zavetrilos and dry. The broth should be pre-cooled, put the meat in it and put the meat in the refrigerator, covered bowl with a lid. Also, soaked in cold broth can be tightly wrap the meat in foil or film.

To improve the taste of cooked meat, about 30 minutes before it is ready to put the water carrots, onions and parsley. It is advisable to use the stems of parsley, celery.

To Get Juicy steaks, rub them before frying sunflower oil and pepper, and salt to the very end of cooking.

Cooked meat is ready when it separates easily from the bone, or when the plug is easily pierces the flesh. Ready stewed meat dishes is determined the same way.

Leg — The fleshy part, isolated from the rear cut of pork carcasses: Boneless meat is separated from the connective tissue, fat, cartilage and semifinished give a rounded shape.

To accelerate melting and quenching and poultry meat in water, broth or sauce must add vodka or alcohol (25-50 g per 1 liter of liquid).

To burst tomato is not moldy, you thickly sprinkled with coarse salt crack.

To the meat was burnt and dry, you need to put in the oven vessel with water. The steam prevents the meat from drying out and burning.

When roasting meat in the oven must be periodically watered hot broth or hot boiled water (cold liquid from the meat gets tough).

When roasting large cuts of meat should be salted after being formed on the surface gentle crackling. It contributes to the preservation of meat juice and soluble proteins. Furthermore, some heat treatment time is shortened.

If you overcook the burgers, steaks or chops, hold them for a couple to become juicy.

To breadcrumbs covered meat, rather than remain in the pan, roll it first in flour, then soak in the beaten egg (lezone) and then paneer in breadcrumbs.

Cutlets, stuffed with butter, paneer, double (double breading — lezone, crackers, then again lezone and biscuits) to the oil when frying not follow.

When roasting meat portion pieces is not recommended to close the bowl with a lid, or steam does not escape, and deposited on the meat and gives it a taste of the stew, not fried.

Meat can be stored in the refrigerator without freezing for 1-2 days, if lubricate it with olive oil.

Chunks of meat will be softer than the hard, if moisten them with lemon juice to soak in the juice and fry in preheated skillet. You can put the meat for 2-3 hours in milk.

Pork is the lowest quality — of sows (dark and dirty-yellow grease) and uncastrated boar (meat bitter smell of ammonia due to the release of the hormone — androsterone).

To chops or steak became softer, brush them with a mixture of vinegar (or lemon juice) and oil and leave to stand for about 2 hours.


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