Tips for the record, the mistress of the kitchen is not indispensable.

1. To herbs that you put on pizza baking has not lost its color and taste, it is necessary to pre-dip in oil …

2. To macaroni and spaghetti from sticking during cooking, add a little vegetable oil to the boiling water.

3. When the potatoes are cooked peel bursts (potatoes in their skins), if the water add a few drops of vinegar.

4. Boiled potatoes will taste better if you put a few when cooked garlic cloves.

5. Cut onion keeps freshness, if you put it in the dish, sprinkle with salt.

6. Salt does not dampen, if the salt put a grain of rice.

7. Mustard, diluted with milk instead of water is retained better, dries.

8. To peeled apples are not darkened, they are placed in cold, lightly salted water (for salads).

9. Eggs stored better if lie with the blunt end up.

10. Do not wash knives with hot water, this they tupyatsya.

11. If you want to squeeze the juice from a lemon (whole), the pre-showering it with boiling water, hand roll the lemon on the table and then cut and squeeze the juice – the juice squeezed out significantly more.

12. Porridge fried buckwheat cooked quickly, it turns crumbly and fragrant.
Grits poured on a cast-iron frying pan or on a baking sheet and roasted in the oven for a few minutes.

13. Vitamin C is much better preserved in thick soups (mealy, cereals, potato) than in soup and soup. The starch contained in potatoes and cereals, vitamin protects from destruction.

14.Ovoschnye soups that do not have potatoes and cereals, it is recommended to fill lightly toasted flour – they will be more dense and delicious.

15.Ovoschnoy soup will be tastier and more nutritious if it add the milk, cream, yogurt or sour cream.

16. If you cook potato soup with vegetables that contain acid (pickles, sorrel), then place vegetables at the end of cooking, or potatoes will be tough.

17. Chips solite only when it is well browned, otherwise mix with salt and fat slices lose their shape, and the taste of potatoes will be worse.

18. The acid slows the cooking of vegetables. Therefore, vinegar, citric acid, tomato puree and fresh tomatoes are added when the vegetables are almost ready.

19. What would a potato welded faster to add to the water a little oil.

20. Even when cooked potatoes, add some garlic, bay leaf and a little vinegar, salt of course, if it turns out well, potatoes delicious even cold.

21. Mashed potatoes should not be diluted with cold milk, this sauce becomes gray and it formed lumps. Before diluted puree, milk must be heated to a boil and add gradually, stirring constantly.

22. If the dishes retained the smell of fish or onions, it should be rinsed with water and vinegar, then the smell will disappear

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