TIPS ENGLISH Cooking Jamie Oliver.

His advice is clear and simple for sure will be useful to you.

— Bacon chicken attached to the smell of smoke fire

— Chicken excess fat absorbs paper

— The fat dish, add the pineapple, it will take away the feeling of excess fat

— Boiled potatoes, if it is too wet after drain the water, cover the pan with a towel or newspaper they absorbed the excess moisture

— Juice of lime or lemon squeezed out better (if you do it manually), when you do, gentle pressure, roll it on the table.

— Taste salad will add amaretto apricot kernel seed

— With chocolate goes well with lemon peel

— When you fry fish, oil the fish itself, while in the oil pan is not necessary to add

— If a fish fry on the grill, rub it with salt, then it will not stick to the grill

— For chocolate sauce was delicious, add the orange sauce

— Bitter sweet peppers will be if his toast to black

— Vermouth give rice, which you cook risotto, specific taste

— Grains of pomegranate are removed easier if you cut a pomegranate in half and knock on their skins

— If you need a warm honey, put it in a bowl with hot water

— To make the dough stick together in the product, sprinkle it lightly with water

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