Small tips when cooking fish

Small tips when cooking fish

tips cooking fish tips cooking fish.

1. Before processing the fish, put it in a bowl with water, if the fish is fresh, it is sinking, if not, discard the cooking of the product.

2. To eliminate the strong odor during frying fish in vegetable oil put one potato, peeled and cut into slices.

3. Fish broth salt at the beginning of cooking.

4. Salt fish before carve, pour cold water so that it is slightly swollen – then it will be easier to clean.

5. To fish does not fall apart when frying, it is necessary to cut and salt for 15 minutes before cooking.

6. Strongly salted fish is soaked in cold water for 4-6 hours. Every 1-2 hours the water is changed. Store soaked fish is not recommended.

7. The insides of the fish can be removed (not large), without cutting the abdomen. To do this, make a deep cut near the gills, cut the spine and remove the head with entrails.

8. When frying fish in hot oil, add a little salt, then the fish will become crisp.

9. To fish well cleans by the scales, it should be dipped in boiling water and then put in warm water with vinegar.

10. The skin with the fish can be easily removed if you first spray it with vinegar.

11. If the herring is too salty, it should be soaked in tea or milk.

12. To fish well browned, it is necessary, before frying, wipe it with a towel.

13. Scales easily removed, if you start to clean the fish from the dorsal fin to the abdomen and tail.

14. Marine fish will be more tender, if for 30-40 minutes before cooking it to sugar.

15. small and cut into pieces of fish lay in boiling water so that it is not digested.

16. The frozen fish during cooking, can be placed only in cold water.

17. Do not boil lamprey, bream, eel and carp – broth of them turns bitter.

18. Major fish during cooking put in cold water, and to boil, as required water is added.

19. All fish dishes can not cook at a strong boil. At the beginning of boiling, reduce the heat and continue cooking at low boil, as can be seen by hardly noticeable, but does not stop the movement of the liquid.

20. When cleaning the slippery fish fingers can be lowered in the salt – it will facilitate the work.

21. Clean the fish is to use the conventional graters not strong under a jet of cold water. Clean the fish in a direction from the tail to the head.

22. To determine the willingness of boiled fish, it is necessary to stick to it the match. If a match is easily enters the flesh, the dish is ready.

23. Tips cooking fish: To fry fish should be in a small amount of fat, it is best to use a mixture of oil and butter; Do not put the pieces close to each other, or do not get a delicious crust on all sides.

24. If on the lunch or dinner remained boiled or fried fish, you can store it in the cold no longer than 1-2 days and certainly before serving boiled fish should be boiled in fish broth or water, and roast an additional fry – each piece on both sides .

25. Caviar grain long dry, if in a jar of caviar pour on top of a thin layer of vegetable oil and cover tightly.

26. Fish broth is fragrant when cooking several fish species.


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