The world is gaining a new dessert!

The world is gaining a new dessert!

Sweet Tooth whole world tremble! We offer a new, no matter what do not like dessert – Ice Cream Cone.
The new treat is a donut in the form of rolls baked on the grill, which is added to ice cream, fruit and melted chocolate! The basis of the trend is taken dessert famous Slovak and Czech delicacy trdelnik – tube of dough, which is roasted on the grill and decorate with nuts and cinnamon.

The famous dessert of Slovakia and the Czech Republic are so fond of the Australian Christian Event, that on his return to his home in Sydney, he decided to open a restaurant Milky Lane burger. The menu will be presented Ice Cream Cone with different kinds of ice cream and toppings. Sweetness will cost about $ 10 per serving and can be tasted in April.

Dessert already attracted thousands of Instagram users who saw him in strips of tourists.
By the way, this is not the first time that the national dishes are the basis of the latest RECIPES modern kitchen. Egg waffle texture in the form of large bubbles, is a popular street food in Hong Kong turned into California in cone cups for ice cream with fillers.







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