The Story of a dish: lasagna

The Story of a dish: lasagna

In our story today we will focus on delicious Italian, for which it is impossible to remain indifferent after the first meeting with her. Under her spell with equal success includes all: both men and women, and even children. Exquisite appearance and fine taste – these are the main distinguishing features of this incomparable Lady. And no, it’s not Monica Bellucci … Allow me to present you our current heroine – lasagna.

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Although climbing is called a traditional Italian dishes, believe that her ancestor was a flat round cake made of wheat flour, which the Greeks called “laganon”. According to another version, the dish got its name from the Greek word is “Lasana” ( “lasanon”), meaning “hot plate”, “Pot furnace.” Later, the Romans borrowed the word to refer to the boiler, where the food is prepared, and the Italians have already started calling lasagne ready meal.

But for the right to be considered the birthplace of lasagna, besides Italy, also claimed England and Scandinavia. The British justified by the fact that even at the court of King Richard II (14th century) there was a similar dish called “loseins”, and that the original recipe of this dish can be found in one of the first British cookbooks stored in the British Museum.

Learning of this, the Italian Ambassador, who, like all their compatriots, jealously guard their kitchen, rushed immediately to make a statement in London: “No matter what the name of this old English dish, it’s not exactly have that lasagna that we do “.

In Scandinavia the same since the days of the Vikings was widely known dish called “langkake”, which consisted of bread cakes, layered with meat sauce and cheese. But back to sunny Italy …

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The first written recipe for Italian lasagna is found in an anonymous manuscript of the fourteenth century, found near Naples. From the manuscripts we learn that in the Middle Ages, this dish is prepared as follows: Boil in boiling water test sheets and then sandwiching them with ground spices (most likely it was the salt, pepper and sugar, but it is possible and a combination of cinnamon, cloves, saffron and nutmeg) and cheese. It prepares a dish in the oven, in a special non-stick frying pan. Initially, the exquisite taste of lasagna appreciated inhabitants of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy, and then the dish gained popularity not only in the country but also around the world!

In the XVI century lasagna recipe was adapted from Italian cuisine Poles and some transformed, as a result there were many favorite lazanki. Prepare them and can now each.
To do this, you need to cool dough made of wheat, buckwheat or rye flour, roll it thinly and cut into squares or triangles. Then boil the resulting dough, strain and pour lard, butter or sour cream and onion. V can be used as a fill with grated poppy seeds and crushed berries. Next lazanki can bake, then they will be referred to already lamantsami.

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As a rule, modern lasagna is made of six layers of dough, with each layer put the stuffing, and on top – grated cheese and a few pats of butter. In the opinion of the Italians, the best lasagna cooked in small rural farms and cafes. Traditional cuisine in a cozy family restaurants, you can each time to re-discover its taste, as the Italians like to add different types of cheese: often use ricotta and mozzarella; Parmesan is mandatory only for the lasagna bolognese.

The most popular sauce for lasagna is considered to be “Bechamel”, it was his most often used in the preparation of this dish is the skillful Italian mistress. And if you want to learn how to do the right lasagna recipe sauce “Bechamel” here.

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Dough for lasagna is made from the same flour that pasta – it is produced exclusively from durum wheat. Finished test plate for this dish today, can be purchased in many large supermarkets, but if for some reason you can not buy them, or you just do not look for the easy way, I suggest you try to cook them yourself. lasagne sheets can be used immediately, or freeze dried in a refrigerator. So, we need the following ingredients for the dough:

flour of durum wheat – 400 g;
large eggs – 2 pcs .;
Salt – 1 tsp .;
vegetable oil – 1 tbsp .;
cold water – about 50 ml.

Flour is sieved to ensure that it has been enriched with oxygen and the more “fluffy”. Then do a little “funnel” in agony and trying to drive the eggs, pour water, add the oil and salt. Then knead the dough – in the end we should get busy, but the elastic ball.

Cover the prepared dough with cling film or a cloth (so it is not dried up) and leave for about thirty minutes.

Then divide the globe into pieces and roll out each into a plate thickness of about 1-1.5 mm. Carefully cut the edges to make the plates form a rectangle (rectangle size depends on the size of the dishes, which you will cook the lasagna).

Spread sheets on paper towels to dry – always dry them on both sides. Then, omit each sheet individually to a large amount of boiling salted water and cook for two minutes, shake off excess water.

Completed sheets are stacked in a greased form, alternating between each sheet with the filling and sauce.

The Story of a dish: lasagna

So, after you and I have learned to prepare the famous sauce “Bechamel” and dough for lasagna, it remains only to determine the filling for our future meals. The modern Italian kitchen is widely used for this purpose, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, onion, zucchini, fish, seafood, chicken, ham …

Serve this dish hot, sometimes adorned his basil leaves or other greens. Eating lasagna with a knife and fork, carefully cutting off small dishes layered pieces. Calorie dishes are also easily varies depending on the filling. In general, each of you will certainly find among the many options that lasagna recipe, which is likely to appeal to him!

The Story of a dish: lasagna

Perhaps the most famous fan of this dish is a cat Garfield, the hero of the eponymous comic book series. His fans could not just watch as Garfield eats both cheeks next piece of delicious lasagna. But, in fact, and his thoughts on the matter:

“Lasagna – no dish … It’s a way of life It’s part of being one of the major achievements of human The treated Indians first colonists -…?. Lasagna With screaming crowd Marie Antoinette -” Let them eat lasagna “What did Neil Armstrong taking the first. step on the Moon – “It’s like a little piece of lasagna,” This is not a dish This is the subject of dreams This is the food of the Gods This is our daily bread “…….

In my opinion, this is definitely the cat is not only a great sense of humor, and excellent taste! But for those who want to try the famous Garfield lasagna, I suggest the following recipe:

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2 cups ricotta;
0.5 cups of grated Parmesan cheese;
1 scrambled egg;
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil;
230 g lasagne sheets;
230 g grated mozzarella;
salt and freshly ground pepper – to taste.

For the sauce:

1.75 cups of tomato puree;
2 tablespoons olive oil;
2 tablespoons oregano;

How to make:

0.5 cups of chopped vegetables and mushrooms (onions, spinach, mushrooms).
In a large bowl, mix the ricotta, Parmesan, egg and basil, add salt to taste and pepper. Separately, mix all ingredients for the sauce. Baking dish grease, put the bottom layer of boiled sheets of lasagna, to cover part of the cheese mixture and pour the sauce part. On top sprinkle with grated mozzarella. Repeat layers, ending a layer of lasagne sheets, oiled sauce. Bake for 20 minutes at 190 degrees.

Well, today I invite you to prepare one of the most common variants of this dish – lasagna with minced meat (lasagna bolognese). For this we need the following ingredients:

The Story of a dish: lasagna

sauce “Bechamel” – 700 ml;
ground beef – 800 g;
2 large tomatoes;
2 tablespoons tomato paste;
salt, pepper, and Provence herbs – to taste;
vegetable oil for frying;
Parmesan cheese – 500 g;
1 package of lasagna sheets.

How to make:
Heat the pan, pour a little vegetable oil and lay out the stuffing. We fry it, add salt, pepper, Provencal herbs to taste. In a blender, beat the tomatoes with tomato paste, add the resulting mixture to the mince and give simmer until thick. Sheets of lasagna boil in salted water, then fill them with cold water (to avoid sticking together) and three cheese on a coarse grater. At the bottom of a baking dish, pour a little sauce “Bechamel” and distribute it evenly. Then spread a layer of lasagne sheets, on top of the – part of the Bolognese, sprinkle with grated cheese. Top lubricates “Bechamel” sauce. Repeat these layers several times. The last layer cover with sheets of lasagne, pour the remaining sauce and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese thickly. Bake for 40 minutes at 190 degrees. Our lasagna is ready.

As they say in sunny Italy, buon appetito!

And how do you feel about climbing signora? If she came to your taste?

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