The original cake without baking

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The original cake without baking

Cakes and pastries – how much these sounds merged for the female heart, how much it imparts! No matter what diet we are not starved yourself, what restrictions are not set, no matter how I tried to persuade myself not to look at the delicious cakes and glances toward the cake, but resist the tempting confectionery flavors impossible.

And the guests would be nice to be pampered homemade dessert. But what if baking is not your strong point? Do not worry, all have been thought up to us – not all cakes require an independent test preparation and baking. It remains to use as the basis for the cake, wit of previous generations and a private hostesses had imagined for his decorations.

charlotte King

1-2 (5)

Why is this cake without baking received the title of Royal Charlotte? Maybe for the similarity with the front crown, and perhaps for his royal taste? One way or another, but it’s worth a try! By submitting this dessert for the holiday table, you deserve the glory of an experienced pastry chef, even if life is not baked any biscuit!


2-3 biscuit roll with any berry filling
1 package sponge cakes (or rolls cropping)
300g unsalted cottage cheese,
0,5 l 33% -s’ cream
10 Art. l. Sahara,
sachet gelatin
canned fruits.

How to make:

3-4 (3)

Gelatin diluted with warm water (at a bag instructions). A deep bowl or salad bowl lined with cling film and put the entire bottom roll thick slices 1-1,5sm. Curd cheese lightly beaten blender with 5 tbsp Sahara. Whip cream with 5 tbsp sugar (you can add a thickener cream). Carefully mix whipped cottage cheese, fruit slices, cream and gelatin solution. Put the whole lot of top roll slices and cover with remaining biscuit Korzh or roll slices. Put the cold for 10-12 hours. Turn the shape on the dish, remove foil and decorate the cake to your taste.

Cherry surprise

5 (7)

To present a dessert such surprise a lot of fun! Delicate taste, elegant appearance and almost no hassle! Oven him you certainly do not have to, and make it, you can even in the country, because you will not need an oven. But detachable baking dish and refrigerator in handy!


150 g of crushed sugar cookies (crunchy)
60 g melted butter
Gelatin 20 g
60 ml of warm water
3 egg yolks
Sugar 150 g
150 ml of milk (not defatted)
250 g of cream cheese any
250 g cream
100 g cherries, pitted
chocolate or cherry sauce (topping)

How to make:

Dissolve gelatin in a small amount of warm water. Beat the egg yolks with sugar, pour the milk, and then the gelatin and set aside. Break biscuits into large pieces and pour the melted butter. Share on the bottom of any high split bakeware. Beat cream cheese and cream separately. Gently mix the cheese, cream, egg yolks and cream and gelatin. Pour half of the cream on a layer of pastry, put the cherries and pour the remaining cream. Put the cold to pour about 1 hour. Carefully remove the rim shape, fill the top cherry or chocolate sauce and garnish with berries. Gentle and not sugary taste of this cake will surprise and please any sweet tooth.

5-6 (2)

watermelon wonders

8 (4)

The most original of all the cakes that do not require baking, taste a real surprise. If you want to surprise your guests, then this is the perfect option!


0.5 liters of 35% cream
bag thickening agent for cream
1 tbsp caster sugar
1 large watermelon
almond petals
raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries (optional)

9 (2)

How to make:

Whip the cream with the sugar and a thickener. Cut watermelon round the (as in the photo), wet wipes. Garnish with whipped cream as a cake, closed top and sides of the watermelon. Sprinkle sides almond petals and decorate the top with fresh berries. The only negative of the original taste of cake – watermelon seeds.

This is not the only recipes for cakes without baking, they can be prepared from any cookies, cakes, Wafer cakes, soufflé with fruit and even champagne! The main thing to make them a touch of individuality, which will prompt your imagination!


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