The office staff are encouraged to eat a pear.

We all know that office work has its own specifics – throughout the day an employee is in a closed room, talking to the same people for quite a long time sitting at the computer, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Because of this, many people over time, there is increased nervousness, irritability, insomnia begins to disturb them. As a consequence of all this stress can be expected.

And to eliminate the negative impact of office work, the scientists recommended that such foods like pears.

British experts found that pear – these are foods that are used as professional office preventing many diseases. However, you should know that office workers are not all equally suited pears. In order to overcome the irritability, nervousness and insomnia, researchers recommend to choose the most succulent and flavorful fruit.

Why the food is able to benefit? The fact that a large number of pears contain useful agents, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose.

The pears also have a lot of vitamins – A, E, C, B1, B2, P, PP, folic acid, carotene, calcium, iron, copper, iodine. It is known that in the pear is cellulose, which is absolutely necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

In addition to pears, physicians are advised to office workers who move a little, drink red wine.


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