The most useful cooking tips!

1. The need to remove the chicken from the broth before the meal, not allowing it to dry, otherwise it will be less tasty.
2. Boiled chicken will taste better if, by removing it from the broth, you add salt it, and then put into another saucepan, cover with a lid or a towel.

1. Before frying the fish need to roll in breadcrumbs or flour mixed with grated cheese.
2. When cleaning the slippery fish fingers can be lowered in the salt – it will facilitate the work.
3. To determine the willingness of boiled fish, it is necessary to stick to it match. If a match can easily be incorporated into the flesh, the dish is ready.
4. Barrels a fish can not be used for other products.
5. Herring is gentle and less salt, if it is soaked in a strong infusion of tea or milk.
6. Fresh fish can be stored in the summer two or three days in a well-ventilated area, if its pre gut, remove the gills, but do not wash and wipe with a cloth, rub inside and out with salt.

Meat and offal.
1. To gras was softer, hold it for 2-1,5 hours before cooking in cold milk or clean water.
2. For this type of storage of meat is necessary to prepare a strong solution of acetic acid, wet cloth or a towel to them, and tightly wrap canvas meat. Prepared by the method of storing the meat is placed in a pot with a lid or other closed container. Before use, the meat is rinsed thoroughly with cold water.
3. How to keep the meat out of the refrigerator? The meat is cut into large chunks, rub with salt and stored in glass or earthenware dish with a lid.
4. To the meat is burnt in the oven on a baking sheet, pour a little water, or install it in the oven bakeware with water.
5. How do I choose the right meat? If you are going to cook oriental dishes your choice should be a lamb.
6. frying portion pieces of meat do not recommend closing bowl with a lid, as in this case the steam is not volatilized and deposited on the meat and gives him a taste of stewed rather than fried.
7. Meat is better to add salt and fry just before serving. Even a short period of storage of fried meat worsens its taste.
8. minced meat dumplings to add milk or cream. Dumplings will be more juicy and tasty.
9. Do not repel steaks – this they become stiff, since the fibers are destroyed. It is better to mash them with a rolling pin.
10. To the meat after cooking in the oven was not rigid during cooking water it with hot water or hot broth. Do not use for this purpose cold water.
11. To get a soft cooked meat, cut it across the grain.
12. That during the cooking of meat juice does not flow out, cook it in extremely hot fat.
13. That during the cooking oil or spray, wipe the bottom of the pan with a solution of vinegar.
14. Crude gras can be stored for 2-3 days, if you smear it with oil.
15. If you are going gras oven on the grill, do not salt it beforehand. Season with salt before serving – it will be more juicy and tasty.
16. gras is easy to remove the film, if you omit it for a moment in hot water.
17. gras becomes very tasty, if before frying hold it for 2-3 hours in milk.

1. To get a tasty broth it needs to simmer.
2. To the broth has not lost its taste and aroma do not put a lot of vegetables.
3. Keep the stock even in the refrigerator should be only strained. To store the broth is poured into a glass jar or in a soup bowl, cover bowl with a broth with a piece of clean gauze.
4. The broth is not necessary to add salt, if then it will be used for the sauce or filler.
5. Soup of sauerkraut recommended salt after being cooked cabbage – otherwise it is easy to overdo.
6. Borsch will taste better, if still preparing broth to cook a potato, to get, to stretch it with a fork, to dilute the broth and pour into pan. This technique also helps to improve the flavor and thicken soups.
7. If you do not have time to remove the scale from the boiled broth add a glass of cold water and boiled the remains will rise to the surface.

1. Cleaned mushrooms are not blackened, put them in salted water, adding a little vinegar in it.
2. Dried mushrooms soak for several hours in milk, add a little salt. They will be just as fresh.

1. To without breaking the shell, to see a raw egg or jam, try to rotate it on the table like a top around the axis. Boiled egg will spin, and the crude, making one or two turns, stops.
2. To check the freshness eggs, it should be dipped in a container of cold water. If the egg is fresh, it will remain on the bottom. If the egg is rotten, it pops up.

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