The most delicious medicine

The most delicious medicine.

Sage Hippocrates taught: “Your food should be medicine, and your medicine – food.”

He knew that most of the products of natural origin possess one or other medicinal properties.

For example, goat’s milk desoldering injured or poisoned by an insidious enemy, and garlic took with them on military campaigns. Power is one of the foundations of a healthy life.

Did you know that the “medicine” can be delicious?

Raspberry jam that many remember from childhood helps cold and heat. It turns out, in raspberries contains a large amount of salicylic acid which is a natural antipyretic and sudorific.

Besides raspberry syrup rich in vitamins A, E, PP and other, stimulates appetite and improves the complexion.

Orange juice – from acute respiratory disease, overwork, to maintain the strength and preserving youth.

Juicy orange fruit is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, calcium and iodine.

One glass of orange juice a day supports the immune system in the “alert” and serves as an excellent prevention of viral diseases.

Dried pumpkin seeds – a proven remedy for worms.

A handful of raw (non-fried) purified from seed shells, ground in a mortar or blender.

Then added a teaspoon of honey and agitated until homogenous state. Honey clover instead of tablets – a pleasure, not a cure!

A few slices of lemon, eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, get rid of arthritis.

This method is so simple that causes mistrust: a few slices of lemon – and everything?

Those who are familiar with the suffering that causes inflammation of the joints, do not believe that the pain of a normal save lemon.

You can dip the slices in lemon honey or sugar, but it is better to squint and eat in its natural form. After 5-7 days of this treatment arthritis retreats.

Chocolate will save us from depression and forgetfulness.

Scientists believe that regular consumption of this delicacy improves memory and removes chronic fatigue syndrome.

However, it is not capable of each tile, and only dark chocolate, in which a lot of cocoa and cocoa butter.

But if you experience the beauty of your skin, do not get carried away much chocolate.

Honey – the most amazing product.

Its healing qualities, and praise the fans of alternative medicine, and doctors practicing formal health facilities.

Honey – perfect powerful antioxidant that resist wear and aging of cells of the body. This is a real elixir of youth, of which mankind so long dreamed of!

Delicious drugs often have the basis of many recipes of traditional medicine, but they themselves are healing home remedies.

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