The most delicious in the world of Charlotte

The most delicious in the world of Charlotte

• Dough:
• Eggs – 4 pcs.
• Sugar – 1 stack
• Flour – 1 stack
• Disintegrant – 0.5 hours. A
• Apples – 3 pieces.
• Cinnamon – to taste
• Crackers ground – 2 tbsp
• Cocoa powder for decoration

For the cream:
• Any fat sour cream – 200 g
• Sugar or powdered sugar – 2 tbsp

1. Beat eggs and sugar in a very lush mass (about 10 minutes).

2. Sift flour, mixed with disintegrant.
Continue whisking.

3. Apples are cleaned, cut into cubes. Share on the bottom of the form (if not the silicone – lubricated), sprinkle with cinnamon and biscuits.

4. Mix. Pour batter. Send in the oven until cooked at 170 C. The first 20 minutes do not open the oven!

If the shape of a small (20 cm) pie get high, but cares long, about 45 minutes. Therefore it is better to take shape more in diameter.

5. For the cream: Mix the sour cream with powdered sugar.

6.Gotovy invert cake onto a plate, cool. Lubricate the cream and sprinkle with cocoa – powder (optional).

Enjoy your tea!

delicious in the world of Charlotte

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