The main national dishes of different countries of the world. Part 3

The main national dishes of different countries of the world. Part 3.

 Each country has its own culinary traditions. As a general rule, regional dishes based on local ingredients and spices, recipes and their preparation are carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation. To prepare the dish can be used a variety of ways of cooking, so for residents of other countries, some combination of products and method of cooking may even seem strange. Nevertheless, many of these dishes are a matter of national pride.

Thank them for a long time spread through the world. Individual meals can even cook outside the country, but in the original version of the dish is better to go to the place where tradition honed his cooking for centuries. These national dish is the culinary symbols of their countries, and is certainly worth a try, if you were in their homeland.

Kosharite, Egypt.


The national dish of Egyptian cuisine is a mixture of rice, pasta and lentils, seasoned with tomato-vinegar sauce. The dish can be found as eateries and restaurants that specialize only in cooking Kosharite.

Mazguf Iraq.


In a special way fried fish is a culinary symbol of Iraq. Reza fish along the ridge, unfold like a book and fry, having spread to the stakes, on an open fire.

Meat Pie, Australia, New Zealand.


Pie stuffed with chopped meat or minced meat with onions, mushrooms and cheese is considered the national dish of two countries: Australia and New Zealand. According to statistics, the average Australian consumes 12 such meat pies a year.

Dener Kebab, Turkey.


This dish has many names, but many people know it as shawarma. For the preparation of the national dishes of Turkish pita bread and filling used, which may consist of lamb, chicken, beef, and all kinds of spices and fresh vegetables.

Ceviche, Peru.


The dish is common in many countries of Latin America and the recipe may vary from country to country. But the birthplace of ceviche is considered Peru. Here, finely chopped raw fish of different varieties, marinated in lime juice, served with sweet potatoes, roasted corn or manioc.

Pho, Vietnam.


Soup noodle pho is one of the symbols of Vietnamese cuisine. Noodle soup is usually made from rice flour, and before being added to the soup or beef or chicken, or fried fish.

Stegt flesk, Denmark.


Fried pork with potatoes and parsley sauce in 2014 was recognized as the national dish of Denmark. Stegt flesk is one of the most popular Danish dishes.

Feijoada, Brazil.


According to one version, a dish invented more than 300 years ago by slaves who were brought from Africa to Brazil. Subsequently, it became a symbol of the local culinary. Prepare a dish of beans, meat products and cassava flour.

Nyama on IIS, Kenya.


Kenyan cuisine traditional dish is steak (Nyama), served with a garnish of IIS, which consists of mashed potatoes, peas, and corn oil.

Fårikål, Norway.


Business Card Norwegian cuisine fårikål, made from lamb, flour and cabbage, which are stewed for several hours. Serve the dish with boiled potatoes.

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